Abhisit’s on all sides of the issue


From Manager, June 27, 2016
Abhisit: I support both of you!
Sign on the left: Reject the constitution
On Jatuporn’s shirt: [red] Don’t have fraud [black] Feeling ashamed in comparison to Myanmar
Sign on the right: Accept the constitution
A man on the left is Suthep Thaugsuban
Caption: Abhisit… only [meaning only Abhisit can possibly take both positions]

[The cartoon ridicules Abhisit’s political stance towards the referendum on the draft constitution. He and his Democrat Party will not clearly take sides either to accept or to reject the draft. He has often harshly criticized the draft and the junta, in terms as strongly as the Red Shirts, but oddly refrains from calling on people to support or reject the charter.
While the Red Shirts are making a clear stand to call on people reject the draft, Suthep, former Democrat Party member and a leader of anti-Yingluck government, announced his support of the junta and the draft constitution.
Abhisit’s stance is interpreted in the Thai media as a cynical and canny attempt to appear democratic by denouncing the draft. At the same time he hopes to benefit from the new charter since the Democrat Party is the main non-Thaksin political force that will be guided by the military to form the next government.]

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