Abac Poll: Let Thaksin come back

Abac: Let Thaksin come back – Bangkok Post, September 9, 2012
…The majority, 83.6 per cent, said the Yingluck government should be given a chance to continue to work and 16.4 per cent said otherwise.
Most, or 80.3 per cent, against a minority of 19.7 per cent, said Thaksin should be allowed to return to fight cases in court…

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2 Responses to Abac Poll: Let Thaksin come back

  1. Brian Jenkins says:

    I wonder about the demographics and sample sizes of these polls

  2. Army Surplus says:

    Aaah, the enormous burden of lifestyle choice. ….. Is it just perhaps that 80% are confused by the use of the passive ‘allowed’ in a country where almost anything is allowed except common sense.? They may even be getting somewhat confused between ‘went’ and ‘come back’. If it confuses the Gucci handbag people at ABAC, it might well confuse the less than 1% of the population affluent enough to be cornered by some airhead pollster in Siam Paragon and its regional equivalents.

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