A tale of two newspapers: US ‘apology’

A tale of two newspapers: US 'apology' - March 24, 2004
Basically the same information, but entirely different spin depending on the paper you choose:
US 'regrets wrongly assessed' findings - Bangkok Post
...Mr Jakrapob said Foreign Minister Surakiart Sathirathai yesterday told cabinet a message from US President George W Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell expressed regret for the US report, which had riled Thai authorities particularly with its criticism of extra-judicial killings during the government's three-month war on drugs.
...Asked to comment on this matter, US embassy spokesman Mark Larsen said he could not confirm that such a message had been sent by his government to the Thai government.

US Embassy dismisses apology claim - The Nation
The US Embassy in Bangkok yesterday dismissed a statement from the Thai government that claimed Washington had apologised for alleging extrajudicial killings in its annual report on human rights.
"I definitely can not confirm that any letter was sent that can be characterised as an apology," the spokesman at the US Embassy in Bangkok said.

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