A tale of two newspapers: New cabinet member a savvy or unethical move?

We do not find many of these Tale of Two Newspapers stories lately, but here is a good one:

New cabinet member seen as savvy move – Bangkok Post, September 13, 2018
…According to a source close to the pro-regime party, the latest addition of Mr Buddhipongse to the Prayut cabinet and the possible defection of Mr Natthapol indicate a major jump to maintain a fresh image by the regime…

Unethical of PM to appoint sedition defendant to junta PR role, say critics – The Nation, September 12, 2018
The recent appointment of a former protest leader, who is facing a sedition charge, as the prime minister’s deputy secretary-general has sparked criticism as people question whether it is appropriate and meets an ethical standard…

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One Response to A tale of two newspapers: New cabinet member a savvy or unethical move?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sia Jon not surprised when Sia Bee (Mr Buddhipongse Punnakan of Democrat – PDRC) has jointed Junta as prime minister’s deputy secretary-general to deal with petition but giving a shock but not so surprised to some democrat men and PT men. Now, Ai Anusorn of PT men has gone mad after appointing Democrat men (Sia Bee – AKA Khun Buddhipongse Punnakan of Democrat – PDRC) to work with Junta as deputy Secretariat for PM Office.

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