A tale of two newspapers: Krue Se and Tak Bai reports ‘censored?’

A tale of two newspapers: Krue Se and Tak Bai reports 'censored?' - April 25, 2005
[The Post and Nation basically have the same story of Krue Se and Tak Bai reports, explaining the reason for the redactions, but The Nation puts 'censored' is in the headline. TNA skips over the redactions entirely.]

Commission to release reports into Krue Se, Tak Bai deaths - Bangkok Post, April 22, 2005
The reports on the Krue Se and Tak Bai clashes will be released on Sunday but some details about how almost 200 Muslims died in the encounters will be withheld so as not to inflame unrest in the deep South, National Reconciliation Commission chairman Anand Panyarachun said...
He would release as much as he could, but some sections would be left out since they may affect ongoing court cases, inflame religious and racial conflicts or have an adverse impact on people who gave accounts of what happened.
...Nideh Waba, chairman of the group of Islamic schools in the five southern border provinces, welcomed the decision to release the reports saying he was one of those who had given accounts to police...

SOUTHERN TRAGEDIES: Reports to be censored prior to publication - The Nation, April 22, 2005
The National Reconciliation Commission will release the official reports on the two bloody suppression operations at Tak Bai and Krue Se Mosque last year, but only after screening them for sensitive sections.
“The government authorised the commission on Monday to distribute the reports as it sees fit,” NRC chairman Anand Panyarachun said yesterday.
Apart from passages endangering personal safety, prejudicing the ongoing judicial review or fanning religious strife, the public will get full access to the reports, he said.
Two independent committees completed their investigations last year but the government would disclose only some of the findings. Information on events leading up to the high death tolls was withheld.
...“Justice, legitimacy and transparency must prevail before social strife can end...”

Independent panel descends to deep South - TNA, April 21, 2005
...The commission would also look into reports on official investigation of last year's violent unrest at the province's Krue Se Mosque and at the Tak Bai Police Station in the nearby Narathiwat Province, in which scores of Muslims were killed, at its next meeting, scheduled for 24 April, said the journalists...

A tale of two newspapers: Krue Se and Tak Bai reports are released - April 25, 2005
[The Post has more details from the reports and just a passing mention that the report was released 'almost in full.' The Nation again focuses on the 'censorship' of the reports and has few details of the report itself.]

Use of force at Krue Se condemned - NRC releases reports into southern deaths - Bangkok Post, April 25, 2005
The two independent reports into the Krue Se and Tak Bai clashes fault the use of overwhelming force and want officials to be held accountable for the tragedies.
The reports were released almost in full by the National Reconciliation Commission yesterday...

KRUE SE, TAK BAI INCIDENTS: NRC releases official version - The Nation, April 25, 2005
Anand says panel censored findings for witnesses’ safety and to assist reconciliation - The National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) yesterday released the government reports on the Krue Se and Tak Bai incidents with parts of the documents blacked out.
NRC chairman Anand Panyarachun said the panel’s censorship was aimed at protecting the rights and safety of witnesses and preventing negative effects on its reconciliation efforts...
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