A tale of two newspapers: Land grab charge against Chamlong

A tale of two newspapers: Land grab charge against Chamlong - September 22, 2004

A typical tale of two newspapers: The Nation plays up the fact that Chamlong is an opponent of PM Thaksin (right in the headline of the story). Note that the Thai-language papers, like Matichon (above), also mention the Thaksin/Chamlong conflict. The Bangkok Post blandly announces that Chamlong's charity is encroaching on reform land and does not mention accusations of politics.

Foundation sitting on encroached land - Representative says land was donated - Bangkok Post, September 21, 2004
The charity foundation founded by former Palang Dharma party leader Chamlong Srimuang has been found to have encroached reform land for agriculture.
The Chamlong Srimuang Foundation, known for promoting alternative educational development, is sitting on about 50 rai of reform land, or so-called Sor Por Kor land, in Suphan Buri province's Dan Chang district...

CHAMLONG: Land grab charge levelled at PM critic - The Nation, September 21, 2004
Deputy Agriculture Minister Newin Chidchob yesterday alleged that a foundation founded by veteran politician Chamlong Srimuang had encroached on a 500-rai plot designated for land reform in Suphan Buri.
Newin’s allegation comes in the wake of Chamlong’s harsh criticism of the man he once mentored, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.
...One of Chamlong’s close aides, Wichan Jiravejbovornkit, said yesterday that the land Newin referred to was donated to the foundation in 1994.
" ”I think this has something to do with politics. Let’s hear clarification from Chamlong himself when he comes back from an overseas trip soon,” Wichan said...
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