A question that has no answer

From the Thai-language press: Komchadluek editorial: A question that has no answer - December 1, 2005

The suspect behavior of the government team especially corruption, dishonesty and special privileges in using power has people waiting for the reasonable answer to these charges.

What people hear is the accusation without reason such as corruption on Suwannapoom Airport construction and quality of roads which had to be rebuilt.

The government canceled the new year celebrations at the airport with the excuse of safety. This issue should have been thought of earlier, because it seems unusual to cancel it now.

Although the government has an explanation about using a C130 airplane to carry people to the PM’s sister's birthday party, the excuse does not hold water. It is shameful behavior to use privilege that get benefit from peoples' tax and use an airplane for pampering the leader’s relative.

The next untransparent act is trying to transfer some part of the Television Broadcast Commission’s work to the National Telecommunication Commission. There is a suspicion that a political family who has a telecommunication business may seek some benefit.

Also no transparency on arranging income and expenses of the Lottery Bureau makes a suspicion as to whether there is a transferring of a big amount money to a power politician.

Nobody answers about these shameful behaviors that lead to a decrease in trust and faith in the government. Even PMs could not get the image back. It will be worse if people do not trust the government and government does not explain and continues to tolerate corruption, seeking benefits and privileges without shame.

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