The person who destroys the sand castle


From Thairath, October 2, 2014
Title: The person who destroys the sand castle
Girl: You lie to me!
Phi Nooring: Who said he would harmonize?
On the hand representing the military: Reform Thailand
On the man’s suit: NRC, 40 senators
On the man’s trousers: PDRC [People’s Democratic Reform Committee]
On the sand castle: Harmony
Mouse: Return the happiness to 40 senators and the PDRC [This ridicules PM Prayuth’s slogan that he will “return happiness to the people.”]

[The cartoon refers to the selection of members of the National Reform Council (NRC). The members of the NRC are expected to be people who have a good relationship with the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO, the military junta) and not be really representative of the various groups in the country.
The cartoonist means that the reform council will only create laws to make things better for those who tried to overthrow the previous government (like the People’s Democratic Reform Committee).]

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