A long walk with an intervention of devils

From Thairath, January 25, 2018
Title: A long walk with an intervention of devils
On the flag: We walk, Mittraphap walk
Phi Nooring: Walk for the future
Mouse: Just walking, but feeling afraid.
On the crocodiles from left to right: Threaten and intimidate; Violate human rights and freedom; Serve the dictator

[Refers to a marching campaign ‘Mitraphap walk’ organized by the civil group “The People Go Network.” The group started walking from Bangkok to Mitraphap Road in Khon Kaen province to call on the junta for decentralization and to pay attention to civil issues. Khon Kaen was chosen as the destination because the route “Mitraphap” leading to the province means “friendship” in Thai. However, the march was forcibly stopped by police before it could begin.]

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