A laugh a day makes you live 10 years longer
การหัวเราะ 1 วันทำให้อายุยื่นไปอีก 10 ปี

From Thairath, January 22, 2012
The cartoon title reads: A laugh a day makes you live 10 years longer — Aow … ha! [these sounds indicate sarcasm–something like “come on” or “sure” or “oh yeah, I don’t believe it”]

Upper left: Cambodia sends rat meat to Thailand, Thailand sends dog meat to Vietnam. (Ha!)

Upper middle: Forcing a draft constitution is more democratic than electing committee members. (Ha!) [A Thai idiom is used — “Boxing with bound hands,” which means forcing someone to do something.]

Upper right: Nattawut says he got to be the deputy agriculture minister due to his administrative ability. (ha!) [referring to the Red Shirt leader appointed to the cabinet]

Lower left: Thailand orders the US to withdraw its terrorism warning. (Ha!)

Lower middle: Chalerm says there was no quota in the cabinet reshuffle, only appropriateness. (Ha!)

Lower right: Prime Minister Poo affirms she reshuffled the cabinet on her own without Thaksin’s help. (Ha!)

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