A freshness in Thailand

A freshness in Thailand – The Straits Times, August 10, 2011
…Ms Yingluck is a clean slate – no baggage, no powerful enemies, and a beguiling presence that has thrown the pro-establishment yellow shirt movement into disarray. Precisely because she is unencumbered, she would appeal to the people’s innate sense of Thai-ness, in the manner of Mrs Corazon Aquino, who unified the Filipino people after Ferdinand Marcos had done his worst…

No room for Red Shirts in new Thai cabinet – AFP, August 9, 2011
…Yingluck, a 44-year-old political novice, was elected as Thailand’s first female premier in a parliamentary vote on Friday.
She swept to an election victory last month with the support of her brother Thaksin, who is hailed by many rural Thais for his populist policies while in power but loathed by the Bangkok-based ruling elite…

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