New Year’s Cartoons: Run, Govt, Run

From Daily News, January 1, 2020
Title: Happy New Year B.E.2563

[Refers to the political situation in the Year of the Rat. Starting from the first month of the year, there will be a running event named “Wing Lai Lung” (Run to oust the Uncle) organized by the anti-government groups.
This is shown in the background with Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn holding the Democracy Monument plinth. Those groups are going to call for the public to support the revision of the constitution which they accuse only being written to benefit the military and the establishment.
In the foreground is the present government.
At far right in the foreground is government MP Parina who is facing allegations that her chicken farm encroached on protected areas.
The cobras refer to the MPs who betrayed their parties or change to other sides–particularly the government. This comes from the Aesop fable titled “the Farmer and the Viper.”
The bananas refer to the quote from a government MPs who referred to other coalition members as monkeys hungering for bananas.
All of this mocks the government and its many apparent hypocrisies.]

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