The Bangkok bombs

From Manager, August 5, 2019
The politicians say: Your side is the one… who did it!!!
Caption: After the bomb, the conflict groups still say the same thing.

[Refers to the recent series of bombs in Bangkok during the ASEAN Security Summit. The cartoonist shows that every time bombings occur, both Prayuth’s side (on the left of the cartoon) and Thaksin’s side (on the right) accuse each other of being behind the bombs.
There is no doubt that the recent spate of bombs is in the tradition of Thai “political intimidation bombings” in Bangkok and its major cities–whether they are due to party politics or the murky insurgency in the Thai Deep South.
These displays of unrest are characterized by multiple tiny bombs set to go off late and night or early in the morning so as not to create mass causalities. They are timed for maximum political benefit (such as in 2006 when the new year’s eve bombings punctuated a long period of ineptitude by the then junta government) and are intended to express Thai-style dissatisfaction at the political situation. And there is never any statement that takes credit for the bombs.]

From Naewna, August 5, 2019
Above the bombs at left that PM Prayuth examines: Bombs to create the chaos in the city.
Above man at right: Those revenge groups.
Caption: Be careful… The next bombing is happening next!!!

[This cartoon warns the government led by PM Prayuth to be careful as the government opposition is on the lookout for methods to attack the government.]

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