Youth Speak

From Manager, June 30, 2021
Left, boy with black hair: Look!… You f… [fuck] say the rude word!!!
Girl with grey hair: What did he say?
Right, mnan: He said… Naja
Girl: Shit… Very rude
Caption: Ruder than the standard.

[Refers to PM Prayuth who ended an interview regarding the COVID-19 situation by using the suffix “naja.”
“Naja” is a suffix word to end a sentences to make the sentence sound softer. It is an informal word used by young people.
The use of this word in a COVID-19 briefing was criticized as lacking seriousness in a very serious time.
Due to this, the word “naja” is used by anti-PM groups like a dirty word to show the lack of concern from the PM towards a serious subject like COVID-19.]

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