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From Manager, April 21, 2021
Chonthicha: Hey you… I accidentally leaked our Line chat.

[Refers to social media news about a Line chat between Thai political NGO Chonthicha Kate Jangrew and former U.S. Embassy staff Henry Rector about the political situation in Thailand. This allegedly shows that the U.S. was actively playing behind the scenes in the Thai political conflict.

However, both Chonthicha and U.S. Embassy denied this and insisted that the Line chat was fake.

In bed are the leaders of anti-government groups, from left to right: Rung, Penguin, Amy and Mike.

All of this is part of the conspiracies that the U.S. has been trying to dispel since the student protests and their vow to reform the monarchy emerged last year.

Such conspiracies were mainly spurred by photos that revealed the student protest leaders having a meeting at the U.S. embassy. The U.S. embassy replied that the protest leaders were just one of many groups they regularly meet with to get an understanding of Thai society and politics.

More conspiracy theories emerged after U.S. senators released statements to assure the international community that the students did not wish revolution while, back in Thailand, student groups were extolling communism and unveiled a new logo made to resemble the hammer and sickle.

Another example is The Hand of Uncle Sam. Some Thai media has become very anti-American and equates the protests in Thailand with those in Hong Kong and through a very Chinese perspective which sees an attempt by rich tycoons to ruin the nation to get their way.

For more see Causing trouble in Hong Kong

and Real democracy in Hong Kong]

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