Maybe Protests Don’t Work

From Manager, November 24, 2020
Red Shirt Jatuporn speaking to anti-government protest leaders Anon, Mike, Parit “Penguin” and Panusaya “Rung”: The way of bringing tens of thousands of people to yell has never been a success… but I believe that if 15 people inside quietly overthrow… I-Tu will get out surely.
On the door: Constitutional court
People: I-Tu get out! I-Tu get out!…
Caption: A veteran teaches the newcomers.

[Refers to former Red Shirt leader Jatuporn recently warning PM Prayuth to be careful of the decision of the Constitution Court as its decision could remove him from office. However, the court finally ruled that there was no wrongdoing.

The cartoonist points out that the Red Shirts conducted much more prolonged, larger and violent protests, setting up fortifications in central Bangkok, threatening violence, etc. However, they were never able to cause the government to fall nor provoke a coup. Even the final violent dispersal of their camp, which included military snipers, was largely shrugged off by the international community.

So it is suggested that legal measures and complications might be a better way of bringing down the current government.]

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