Painting the Pheu Thai yellow

From Manager, September 30, 2020
Potjaman: This is my building… I can paint with any color… If you don’t like, then get out!!
On the building: PT party
Caption: The servants will not dare to fight.

[The message of the September 19 protest, commemorating the 15-year anniversary of Thaksin’s ouster, was somehow overshadowed by a small student group intent on pushing the boundaries of free speech and reforming the monarchy. This has led to a reform of the major opposition party leadership to ensure that important protests in the future are not diverted from their goals.

The cartoonist refers to the recent actions of Thaksin’s ex-wife Khunying Potjaman na Pombejra leading the reorganization of the Pheu Thai party’s executive positions. She has become the Pheu Thai’s de facto leader in charge of the party’s decision-making.

Recently, Potjaman and her family donated a hospital vehicle to the King. Her action is believed to be a signal showing that the party respects the royal family after some party members openly attended the September 19 protests which focused on criticizing the monarchy.

The cartoonist shows her repainting the party headquarters the color yellow which has been used to symbolize support for the monarchy. She is painting over the color red, which is the color of communism and revolution. In the years after his ouster from power, Thaksin organized retired former communists to be core of his opposition muscle, the Red Shirts. This was to imply that he was willing to unleash even revolution in his search for justice and return to politics. However, this was always just leverage to force the hand of those who would keep him from power.

More on the September 19 protests and reorganization of the Pheu Thai leadership]

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