From Manager, July 24, 2020
Left, in thought bubble: 14 Oct
On the placards: Revise the constitution; Dissolve the parliament
Caption: The goal of the protesters
Right, in thought bubble: 6 Oct
Caption: The goal of those supporters

[Refers to the current protests calling on the government to dissolve parliament and revise the constitution.
The cartoonist implies that the younger generation of student protests is being orchestrated by anti-military and anti-royalist groups led by Thanathorn of the disbanded Future Forward party and his clique of like-minded politicians.
The cartoon shows that the younger generation desires to create a rally like the student protests of October 14, 1973 that resulted in the overthrow of the then-ruling military dictatorship.
However, the cartoonist contends that politicians, either intentionally or through their alleged promotion of anti-monarchy rhetoric, are more likely to trigger a brutal crackdown like that which occurred on October 6, 1976.]

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