Spreading the Photo

From Manager, June 11, 2019
Left: The IO of the NCPO spread this picture to attack me!
Caption: Nang Chor [Calling a woman “Nang” is very impolite. It is the opposite of “Khun” meaning “sir/madam.”]
Right: It is not the IO of the NCPO [that spread the photo]?!! I myself spread this picture on Facebook.
Caption: Khun Chor

[Refers the Future Forward Party’s spokeswoman Pannika “Chor” Wanich.
She recently came to public notice for wearing a two-tone outfit to parliament instead of the customary black required for the death of Privy Council President Prem. Critics felt this was a sly Red Shirt-like show of disrespect for Prem.
Then an allegedly rude photo from her Facebook account was widely distributed and criticized. It showed her gesturing towards a photo of King Rama IX.
Pannika initially explained the photo in a frank and open manner saying that it was taken in 2010 in an atmosphere where politically motivated lese majeste allegations were common and her actions in the photo reflected the “tragedy of Thai politics.”
After Thaksin’s ouster in 2006 and in the subsequent ramping up of the Red Shirt movement, instances of politically motivated lese majeste were committed as part of the pushback against military rule. As the years passed, many other false or border-line accusations were also whipped up against critics of the military.
However, Pannika’s photo, brought to light so many year after the fact, was seen by some as a minor instance of youthful rebellion and another example of the junta trying to destroy the Future Forward Party.
Pannika alleged that the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO)’s Information Operation (IO) was behind the controversy, setting her up by spreading the photo. Others pointed out that Pannika herself posted the photo on her Facebook account and that after she appeared in the controversial two-tone in parliament it was only a matter of time before critics would dig up other controversial examples of her behavior.]

From Manager, June 11, 2019
Vulture: Hurry up, we have to finish eating very quickly… before people will stop focusing on E-Chor… and turn to us!
On the buffalo: Positions [in government]

[Refers to the intense and continuing competition among coalition parties for the positions in the government.
The cartoonist ridicules the politician’s actions with Thai proverb “vultures fiercely eating a dead body.”
While the ongoing bickering has certainly impacted the government’s popularity (and the already poor reputation of democracy in Thailand), the cartoonist contends that the public is focusing on the witch hunt surrounding Future Forward Party’s spokeswoman Pannika Wanich who has been under fire for inappropriate attire in parliament and for allegedly disrespectful photos from her Facebook account.]

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