Don’t help them form a government!

From Thairath, May 15, 2019
Title: Whoever please help paddle the boat [meaning that the junta is inviting any party who is willing to join the government]
On the gangsters’ shirts, left to right: Cheat on investigation [referring to cases that are impacting the anti-junta Future Forward Party]; Cheat on the vote [refers to allegations of voting irregularities]; Cheat on the power [refers to the military that seized power in a coup]
On two men’s shirts on the dock: MPs; Political parties
Phi Nooring: Overthrow the boat? [the boat is common canal boat which can easily be swamped in rough waters]
Mouse: Know which is good and bad.

[Refers to the junta and his party allies which are trying to form a government. This cartoon warns the politicians and political parties not to support those groups who trying to take advantage of the power of the ruling junta to be part of government.]

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