Thaksin can’t carry Yingluck to China

From Manager, January 22, 2019
On the chair: Chairman of the company
From hand: Ju… Ju… [the sound of telling someone to be quiet] I know… She used to be Thailand’s PM… But in my country… A person who will be chairman of a company must be intelligent.
Caption: In this country a person who wants to carry whoever, they can’t do it.

[Refers to former PM Yingluck who was recently appointed as chairman of Chinese port company. Later she was removed from the post–allegedly due to pressure from the Chinese government that wishes to draw Thailand closer into the Chinese orbit.
It also showed that the Chinese government recognized the appointment for what it was–an attempt to raise Yingluck’s profile and credibility before the upcoming elections which would conflict with their new allies–the Thai military.
“To carry someone” is a Thai idiom meaning to support someone. The cartoon also alludes to the idea that Yingluck was a puppet as prime minister with Thaksin the real brains behind all the decisions the government made. Thus, Yingluck heading a Chinese shipping company would be a move orchestrated by Thaksin to raise her profile and reputation in the lead up to elections.]

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