New Year’s Cartoons: Happy new year without sadness

From Thairath, January 1, 2019
Title: Happy the year of the Pig
Happy new year without sadness. Happy in the year of the pig. Wish everything comes true. People are happy. Aud Aud Aud the pig is coming. Don’t impede. Don’t pretend to see a pig as the goat, bae bae. Stop tending sheep and finding a scapegoat. Have a moral in the heart in this year of the Pig.
Teacher Ping Davance
Composer [of the verse]

[This is a new year’s poem written by famous teacher Ping from Davance. “Aud” is the sound of a pig while “bae” is the sound of a goat.
In the poem, it wishes people happiness in this year of the pig. Also, it asks people to have morals and be transparent and just–this clearly refers to the corrupt police at far right in the cartoon.
“Stop tending sheep” refers to the Thai proverb meaning person who love to lie. It comes from the story of the shepherd boy and the wolf.
At top right are pigs wearing the Thai numbers for this year (Buddhist era year 2562 or 2019).]

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