Lucky the Red Shirts didn’t carry sticks!

From Manager, November 29, 2017
PM Prayuth: The protesters used sticks to hit the officers… I must order a crackdown on this.
Nattawut: Luckly that we used weapons to kill the officers or Prayuth would have ordered a crackdown on us if we used sticks.
Caption: This group is lucky.

[This refers to a crackdown on an anti-power plant protest in the south. The military junta reacted decisively, saying that the protesters were armed with sticks and thus they deserved to have their protest broken up and leaders arrested.
The cartoonist shows militant Red Shirts watching the statement from PM Prayuth.
In 2010, acting on behalf of exiled-PM Thaksin, Red Shirts laid siege to Bangkok, often openly displaying arms and threatening chaos if the government did not step down and call new elections.
At that time both the military and the then-government seemed hesitant to openly confront the protest, always claiming that everything was normal and would proceed according to law. This continued for many weeks as authorities seemed paralyzed, knowing they would be blamed for playing into the hands of Thaksin if they cracked down.
Anti-Thaksin voices, such as this cartoonist and the media group that publishes him, felt that the character of the 2010 protest, with its rhetoric and constant threats of violence, should have been curtailed much earlier.
The cartoonist points out the hypocrisy of the military, seemingly eager to confront a small group with sticks who are protesting government development projects while shying away from dealing decisively when political protesters threaten violence and display weapons.]

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