8 8 88 in the new Myanmar

‘It Was a Tragic Scene to See the Dead Bodies of Our Brothers and Sisters’

In 1988, a Brief Renaissance for Burma’s Journalists

What We Were Fighting For
…As a student at that time, I can clearly remember the exhilaration of knowing that the entire nation was behind us, that we could not possibly lose. But we were wrong. Though people came out into the streets in their millions all over the country, the military would not stand down. Too accustomed to holding power, and believing that only they could lead the way out of the crisis that they had created, the generals gave the order: shoot, shoot to kill…

88 Commemorative Painting by Win Pe Sold at Charity Auction

Gingerly, Filmmaker Tests Limits of Freedom in Burma

Burma’s Internet Delays Continue Ahead of 88 Uprising Anniversary

Lessons of ’88′

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