The big traditional Thai dramatic performance of politicians

From Thairath, July 1, 2017
Title: The big traditional Thai dramatic performance of politicians
Below right on chair: The high society of politics
On the soldier’s shirt: Return happiness [the junta’s logo]
On the paper on the right: Road map [referring to the junta’s plan for elections]
On suit of man center bottom: NLA [National Legislative Assembly, the junta’s parliament]
On the sword he holds in his left hand: The law of destroying [meaning the NLA’s laws are meant to destroy politicians]
On the suit of the man the sword is pointing at: Politician
On the sword he holds in his right hand: endless NCPO [National Council for Peace and Order, the ruling junta; this means that the junta is not handing back power]
On suit of man at top right: NRSA [National Reform Steering Assembly]
On his sword: Continue [this refers to the long-term plan the junta is putting into place that elected politicians will be required to follow]
Man top center is constitution drafter Meechai. On his suit: CDC [Constitution Drafting Committee]
On the sword in his left hand: Empowering
On the sword in his right hand, stabbing the man: Set zero
On the man being stabbed: ECT [Election Commission of Thailand; this refers to the removal of the Election Commission members so they can be replaced with members more loyal to junta goals]
Mouse man: Deceive people these days.
Mouse: Serve with all their hearts. [mocking the junta’s pledges to work hard for the good of the country]

[The cartoonist attempts to show that the apparently sincere and very busy activity of various junta-appointed groupings is merely a show coordinated by the military according to their script.]

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