Thailand can learn from Myanmar!

From Manager, June 6, 2017
Left, Myanmar officer: Thai government… sends their officer for a field visit to learn about our country’s technology, sir.
Boss: What kind of technology?
Right: The CCTV… They want to know why it can catch a picture of Prew very clearly.
On sign: Border of Myanmar-Thailand

[Refers to the case of a grisly murder of a karaoke bar girl. The group of suspected murderers led Preeyanut “Prew” Nonewangchai, was caught on Myanmar’s CCTV while they were escaping at the Myanmar-Thailand’s border.
This footage became the talk of the town as people compared the sharp quality of Myanmar’s CCTV image with Thailand’s CCTV which are rarely ever to clearly spot suspects. Thai security cameras are never always under repair, broken, or replaced with dummy cameras when a violent act happens or when they are required to track a suspect.
This is commonly thought to be an expression of Thailand’s corrupt culture, where cameras are conveniently off at certain times and money for maintenance is pocketed.]

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