Vital supplies for the military

From Manager, April 25, 2017
Black box at the top: Economy… funny economy by Ngao [name of the cartoon column and the cartoonist]
Top left: Last April 18, people who left the city for Songkran have returned to Bangkok with sacks of rice as usual.
Sign in the background: Bangkok
Man: Look at what that man is carrying… it looks weird. [This references the legions of people from rural areas who work in Bangkok and return to their home provinces on holidays. Upon returning from their holidays they typically bring along staples such as rice to defray their cost of living in Bangkok.]
Top right, man with cap: What’s weird. Everyone who returns from Songkran will carry a couple of rice sacks.
Other man: But his item is not a rice sack… It looks like something I’ve seen before…

[The final panel shows Deputy PM Prawit carrying a submarine. This refers to the military’s controversial purchase of a submarine from China. The military has lobbied for a submarine fleet for years and the current military junta has finally delivered with a secretive purchase that has drawn much criticism from the public.]

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