Should the junta tackle seat belts or taxes?

From Manager, March 27, 2017
Left, Prayuth: Stop… Where are you going?
Thaksin: Hurrying to escape from paying taxes, sir.
On a sign: Stop for checking [This portrays a typical Thai police checkpoint, here with the prime minister stopping Thaksin.]

Right: Oh.. Everyone is fastening a seat belt. Then, you can go.

[Inside the car is Thaksin and his family–Potjamarn, Panthongtae, and Peathongtarn. The cartoon ridicules the junta for not taking a harder line in collecting Shin Corp taxes from Thaksin and his family.
Recently the junta used its absolute power to create an enforce a new rule requiring all car passengers to wear seat belts. Critics have mocked the move, contending that the government should focus on getting Thaksin to pay taxes on the Shin Corp sale.]

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