All must be humbled

From Arun, January 26, 2017
Box on the top: Arun cartoon; Arun Watcharasawad [referring to the name of the column and the cartoonist.]
Title on the right: Fighting partners
Left boxes from top to bottom: NACC [National Anti-Corruption Commission of Thailand]; Pheu Thai [political party oust in 2014; directed by Thaksin and his family]; PDRC [essentially the anti-Thaksin Yellow Shirts]; UDD [the pro-Thaksin Red Shirts]; political parties; military; democracy; dictator
Middle boxes: Reconciliation [the word is split between the two boxes]
Right box: Reconciliation

[This chart illustrates the conditions the junta has set to allow new elections. Like many of Arun’s cartoons, it subtly or shyly criticizes the junta and its constraints on society.
The cartoon suggests that all factions of power must be impossibly and unrealistically cowed for an election to take place.]

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