Viagra for Thai Airways


From Manager, May 23, 2016
Top left: Viagra, Piyasawat brand.
[Refers to Piyasawat Ammaranan, President of Thai Airways International from 2009-2012. Despite the sagging reference in the logo, he was credited in a big turnaround in the carrier’s fortunes. After The Pheu Thai came to power he was unceremoniously replaced by a political appointee in a move that shocked the airline industry: How politics ran Thai Airways into the ground]
Top right: Viagra, Sorajak brand.
[Refers to Sorachak Kasemsuwan, the Thaksin crony appointed to head the airline.]
Bottom center: Viagra, Charamporn brand.
[Refer to the current president of Thai Airways, Charamporn Jotikasthira, who has seen profits return to the airline under his management.]
Caption: after changing many kinda of medicine… the Thai White Champak finally found the right one.
[Interesting cartoon that references the phallic form of the Thai Airways logo.]

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