Opposing the train


From Thairath, December 22, 2015
Title: It’s ok… we are rich!
On train: Semi-express
The man holding the Thai flag is Deputy PM ACM Prajin Juntong.
On the judge’s shirt: Former judge of the Constitutional Court. Now is the NRSA. [The National Reform Steering Assembly]
[The man is Supoj Kaimook. He has opposed the high-speed train project.]
On the paper: There is no non-asphalt road in Thailand and our younger generation will have long-term debt. [These are criticisms of the junta project–that such a high-cost project should not be undertaken when many rural villagers still live in homes in villages with unpaved roads. Dusty villages are a perennial concern of voters in remote areas.]
Phi Nooring: More expensive, but slower than “Poo’s” train [PM Yingluck tried to propose a high speed train to the Northeast region where many Pheu Thai voters are.]
A mouse: Only say for destroying
[Refers to the China-Thailand’s high speed railway project approved by the junta. Those who oppose the junta have concerns that this project will have a high cost and create long term debt.]

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