The U.S. ambassador is a meddler


From Manager, December 3, 2015
Left, foreigner says: I… Mr.Hunter.
Thai man: Oh… I-han-taer
Left caption: The wrong pronunciation of English names in the past
Right: I… Mr. Davies [U.S. ambassador Glyn Davies]
Thai man: Oh… I-Seuak [“I” or “Ai” is an impolite prefix to put before the name of someone you do not like. “Seuak” is an impolite Thai word meaning “intruding,” “to meddle,” or more colloquially, “none of your business.”]
Right caption: …Wrong pronunciation nowadays.

[The cartoon makes fun of the wrong pronunciations Thai people often made when trying to understand English names.
However, in the right picture, a man (representing the Manager cartoonist) intentionally says the wrong name of U.S. ambassador Glyn Davies due to his comments calling on a lessening of lese majeste prosecutions.
It says his name is “Mr. Meddler” with the “Mr.” part being an impolite prefix for a name. Seuak is a Thai impolite word meaning “intruding” or “to meddling.”
This same criticism was leveled at former U.S. Ambassador Kristie Kenney]

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