Roadblocks to Democracy


From Thairath, August 12, 2015
Title: To pass it, it’s a required capability
Flag on Prayuth’s car: The NCPO’s roadmap
Paper close to the hooded man: Destroy PTP [Pheu Thai Party], Thaksin-Yingluck
Paper held by man in the middle: Reform before election [meaning elections should be postponed]
Paper held by man on the right: Dismiss the constitution
On his shirt: NRC
On the cage: Violate human rights. Detain people who think differently. [referring to the junta detaining protesters]
On the skulls: Case on breaking up the rally in April-May 2010. [referring to the Red Shirt protests in 2010; this implies the Red Shirts will not accept any sort of amnesty that whitewashes those involved in killings during this time]
Phi Nooring: Obstruction caused by whom?
Mouse: Impeded road

[The cartoon shows obstructions the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO or the junta) led by PM Prayuth has to face in order to reform the country as he promised.]

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