Same cartoon from pro- and anti-Thaksin cartoonists


From Manager, March 15, 2015
PM Prayuth: I order to both of you… to take off your shirt and wear this one… now!!!
On shirt held by PM Prayuth: Harmony [or “harmonious”]
Shirt on the left: We love Thaksin.
Shirt on the right: We love Thailand.
Caption: I agree with you, Sir… we shouldn’t have a one-size-fits-all shirt.
[This refers to PM Prayuth’s comment to the U.S. He said the U.S. should understand the different situations in other countries and not try to do push a one-size-fits-all democracy on every country. The cartoonist ridicules this by saying Prayuth is doing the same thing by forcing all sides of the political spectrum to accept his solution.]


From Thairath, March 16, 2015
Title: Don’t push a one-size-fits-all shirt for all people.
On shirt held by Uncle Sam: Democracy, Rights + Freedom
Gen. Pryauth is forcing a boy to put on a shirt that reads: Return happiness
Phi Nooring: Must wear “return-happiness shirt”
Mouse: Can wear only military-style camouflage.
[The cartoon mocks PM Pryauth’s comment saying the U.S. should not force a one-size-fits-all democracy for every country. It compares this to the junta government trying to force its own vision of the country on those who oppose the coup and support Thaksin.]

Another one from October 30, 2014: Expensive government microphones
Another one from July 2, 2014: Thaksin cronies flee state boards after the military takes power

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