You come to strike openly… I come to ask for the truth!

From Thairath, June 9, 2013
Cartoon title: You come to strike openly… I come to ask for the truth!
Sign on the front of the truck: Red across the land [a motto of the Red Shirts]
Sign on the side of the truck: The Red Shirt people against dictatorship
Signs of the Red Shirt group on the right: Who ordered to kill the people? [referring to the Red Shirt protest in April-May 2010 during the Democrat government. 91 people died during the protests.]
On right backdrop: Strike open the truth, tell lies
On the hooded figure: Order to kill the people; 100 dead bodies
Sign in hand of Suthep Thuaksuban, behind backdrop: On the road to incite
Banner on head of the 2nd man in the right group: PAD [People Alliance for Democracy, or the Yellow Shirt. Hat with a star represents members of the former Communist Party of Thailand.]
Banner on head of man on the far right: Freezing [The refers to the idea briefly proposed by the Pithak Siam (Defending Thailand) Movement led by Gen. Boonlert Kaewprasit to “freeze” democracy for a time until reforms could be made and people could be educated. This is based on the claim that those who vote for Thaksin-backed government are doing so because they are uneducated.]
On shirts of men from left: Bringing people to provoke violence
Phi Nooring: Watch out for the Oct. 6, ’76 model [Referring to events of 1976 at Thammasat University when student protests against the return of former prime minister (and dictator) Chief Marshal Thanom Kittikhajorn were met with a massacre. As the continual rounds of protest in Thailand in past years have centered around Thaksin’s attempt to return, the specter of the events of 1976 have been used to threaten those who wish to pardon or otherwise provide amnesty for him.]
Mouse: Don’t fall for the cruel trap.

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