Thaksin lobbying in June 2010

Response to Statement of Buranat Samutarak -, June, 2010
...I wish to clarify for the record that absolutely no statements were made with regard to the Thai royal family during this series of press briefings in Tokyo. Cameras and reporters were present at every moment, and any examination of the transcripts will disprove Buranat’s libelous allegation. Any discussion at the press conference in Japan was limited to discussing the odious lese majeste laws and their abuse by officials of the Democrat Party and its militant wing in the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), used to intimidate and harass not the opponents of the monarchy, but rather their own political competition who may pose a challenge to their power in a free and fair democratic election...

Letter to Thai Authorities Demanding Investigation and Access to Evidence -, June, 2010
...That you immediately commit to facilitate interviews by our clients’ legal counsel of: All military commanders and sublevel commanders that took part in any operations relating to the Protests; All political leaders within the military chain of command relating to its addressing the Protests; and All expert witnesses relied upon by the Thai Authorities, including but not limited to forensic experts...

Thaksin's lobbyist refused entry? -, June 26, 2010
...Mr. Buranat has said that an explanation should be sought from Mr Thaksin regarding the numerous false statements made by his lobbyist. Certain parts of Amsterdam’s interviews with foreign press are even, quite deliberately, offensive to the Thai monarchy...

Suthep: Thaksin lawyer not allowed to probe Red Shirt unrest - MCOT, June 26, 2010
...“I would like to note that when Mr Thaksin was premier, many international organisations were seeking to probe the alleged extrajudicial killings of 2,500 people during his 'war on drugs' and also the killings during the unrest by insurgents in the three southernmost provinces. But at the time Mr Thaksin did not allow these agencies to enter the country and spurned the call for United Nations intervention, saying 'The UN is not my father!'...

Govt urged to ban Thaksin lawyer - Bangkok Post, June 24, 2010
...The lawyer also attacked the Thai government's imposition of the emergency decree, saying it was contrary to the rule of law.
He said Mr Amsterdam intentionally made these remarks in Japan because a Japanese reporter was killed in the cross-fire on April 10 during the violence between  soldiers and red-shirt protesters...

INTERVIEW - Thaksin wants Thai probe to be international-lawyer - Reuters, June 22, 2010

Robert Amsterdam Thailand - Perspectives on politics, international law, and human rights in Thailand
This is Amsterdam's ghost-blogged site (like his main page about Russia) with links to articles bolstering Thaksin's claim that the Thai government is anti-democratic and purposely intended to murder Red Shirt protesters.

Karl Rove/Robert Amsterdam: can PR experts really save the day? -, June 22, 2010
...Mixing true and false information in an attempt to attract media attention to his clients (and ultimately to him) made Robert Amsterdam a lot more than a spin doctor: it made him a propagandist.
This strategy is a dead end. Mikhail Khodorkovsky is still in jail in Siberia and Thaksin lives in exile. But Amsterdam regularly makes headlines.

Robert Amsterdam, Human Rights lawyer in Japan on June 23, 2010 - FCCJ, June, 2010
For an update on events in Thailand, who better than human rights specialist Robert Amsterdam?
Robert Amsterdam has been retained by former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to keep the outside world up to speed on the still tense situation in Thailand...

Response to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand -, June 18, 2010
...The de facto government of Thailand needs to worry less about casting undue blame upon individuals, and concern itself with answering a number of the questions outlined above and working toward restoring the minimum semblance of compliance with local and international law.

Secretary to the Foreign Minister clarifies misconceptions in Robert Amsterdam’s statements - MFA, June 17, 2010
...But there were also those armed with lethal weapons who resorted to violence, sometimes indiscriminately, to create havoc and to try to bring down a legitimate government. The rule of law must therefore be enforced. It was therefore regrettable that Mr. Amsterdam had conveniently overlooked the facts about the illegal and violent nature of the protests and made many baseless, falsified and truly outrageous allegations against the Thai government, much to his own discredit...

Thailand's duty to investigate Bangkok killings under international law -, June 15, 2010
[A strangely subdued offering from Thaksin's lawyer, first pointing to various aspects of international law and then acknowledging that few in the international community seem to be as outraged as he is at the Thai government's treatment of the protesters.]
...A credible argument can be made that Thailand's failure to investigate these recent killings is an even further step away from democracy, rule of law, and basic legitimacy of the state...

Thailand brings in Podesta Group - PR Week, June 10, 2010
The government of Thailand hired the Podesta Group to "help protect the international reputation" of Thailand, according to a federal filing. The firm is providing message development, media relations, and media training. The three-month contract has a monthly budget of $80,000...

List of Podesta clients and Podesta on Wikipedia

Thai PM Seeks Confrontation, Not Reconciliation -, June 10, 2010

Thailand Lacks Creditability to Investigate Bangkok Killings -, June 10, 2010

Shinawatra wants to return home -, June 9, 2010
[French-language interview with Robert Amsterdam.]
...They fear an election. They fear having to be accountable for the murders of 90 Thais during the demonstrations. They fear being accused of arbitrary arrests and crimes against humanity. They have plenty of reasons to be afraid!
...Other countries have remained silent for a crime against humanity was in progress! This silence must end. The issue is well beyond the simple person Shinawatra. In Thailand, there has been a deliberate campaign to destroy the people because of their political affiliation. In the 21st century, it should not exist...

The provincial lawyer who is helping plot an emirate coup - Guardian, June 6, 2010
[Interesting lessons for Thaksin, who has been behind a number of lobbying activities to destabilize Thai governments since the 2006 coup.]
...The plot, led by British solicitor Peter Cathcart, involves the use of Washington political lobbyists, PR agencies writing fake blogs and Twitter accounts, and a newspaper advertising campaign in the US. The coup attempt is remarkable in its choice of modern communications and political lobbying, rather than the traditional resort to violence...

Thaksin's last option to topple the Abhisit government - Bangkok Post, June 5, 2010
...This is consistent with Thaksin's hired gun, Mr Amsterdam, who told the media he wanted the United Nations, as a neutral party, to mediate between the government and the red shirts after the clashes on April 10 at Khok Wua intersection, which resulted in 25 deaths and many hundreds of injuries.
It seems Thaksin has conveniently forgotten his famous remark, ''The UN is not my father'', uttered as he rejected attempts by critics who had called on the United Nations to investigate his regime for the more than 2,000 extrajudicial killings under the umbrella of his war on drugs...

The hyperreality of Thai propaganda: A response to the Nation -, June 2, 2010
[While most of the articles that come out of Robert Amsterdam's online presence have a clearly sterile and canned quality (no doubt because professional ghost writers are creating them daily), occasionally Amsterdam's personal voice is clear. One example is today's prickly response to something the Nation wrote about him.]
...But luckily everyone is free to read the full text of this editorial, because no draconian government has ordered for it to be blocked. Luckily everyone can hear about the innocence of the smiling military and the Oxford-educated unelected Prime Minister because no one is sending regular death threats to his lawyers and publishing their addresses to hate groups. Having worked in Russia, Nigeria, and Venezuela, I've never seen more thuggish incivility...

EDITORIAL: Thaksin lawyers' probe will have credibility issues - The Nation, June 2, 2010
...If Knoops is what Amsterdam says he is, then the Dutch lawyer should know the difference between "lobby" and "legality". If he wants to become a lobbyist for Thaksin, then that's fine. But he should have the integrity to say so and not hide behind another profession just to hoodwink the public.

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