4 years ago: Thaksin to play key role in Pheu Thai govt, will cut taxes & push for amnesty

Wall Street Journal: Ousted Thai Minister Vows to Play Role after Elections
…His immediate goals include slashing corporate-tax rates and pushing for an amnesty for everybody charged with politically linked offenses in the tumultuous four-plus years since a military coup in Bangkok swept him from power.
…Now, Mr. Thaksin says he is reinvigorated by the wave of uprisings sweeping the Middle East and North Africa, and buoyed by the prospect of new elections that could be held as soon as the end of June. His renewed engagement in Thai politics is an indication that the opposition party is preparing to vigorously enter the campaign. It also appears to provide some evidence that Mr. Thaksin plays a hand in directing what happens in the country, just as the country’s political and military establishment accuse him of doing…

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