Why is Chalerm trying to arrest the commander of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army?

The curious case of Thailand’s ‘Most Wanted’ – asiancorrespondent.com, May 11, 2012
…One approach to this is that the Burmese government may have requested Thailand’s help in squeezing the ethnic armies along the border that are refusing to sign ceasefires (the DKBA being one of the remaining few), and a drugs pretext would generate the most support from Thai law enforcement officials and politicians now saddling up closer to the Burmese government (Chalerm has something of a platform to operate from with the 2003 listing). Moreover, while Thailand in the past used border groups as a buffer against its traditional enemy, the Burmese army, the days of needing to keep Burma at arms length are fading, and with it the incentive to support and allow border armies to flourish…

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