57 Years Ago: Sarit deposes Phibul

57 Years Ago: Sarit deposes Phibul – St. Petersburg Times, September 18, 1957
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
…Army commander Sarit Thanarat moved yesterday to set up a new government which he pledged would not swerve from the pro-Western policies of ousted premier P. Pibulsonggram. Sarit, recently forced to resign a cabinet post, toppled the Pibulsonggram leadership in a swift, bloodless coup. Sarit also removed another foe and strongman, Gen. Phao Sriyanond who commanded Thailand’s 40,000-man police force.
…Thailanders are considered the gayest people of the Far East. When it comes to politics and government, in the words of one of their critics “they just don’t give a damn…”

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  1. Wiz says:

    After the deposing the Leader, the leader and his men have driven his Ford Thunderbird to Trat and took a fishermen’s boat to Cambodia before heading to India for ordaining at Thai temple at Buddhagaya … After that, he spent the rest of his life in Japan.

    After the deposing the Leader, Pol Gen Phao and his “knights” have surrendered to Sarit … Strongman Sarit ask Gen Phao whether he wanted to spend the rest of his life as Buddhist monk or living in exile for good. Gen Phao said he wants to live in exile, so Strongman Sarit asked Gen Phao further which country to live in exile. Gen Phao telling Strongman Sarit that “Switzerland” … so Strongman Sarit telling Permanent Secretariat of MFA to issue diplomatic passports for Gen Phao and his knights …

    When HM has come to Switzerland to see Princess Mother in mid 1960, Gen Phao was trying to appeal to HM to get the amnesty to allow him to go back home by asking those diplomats in Royal Thai Embassy to arrange the special meeting. However, those diplomats refused to do this job as they have known that HM never forgave what Gen Phao was trying to find the way to arrest and depose His Majesty due to HM’s supports of Democrat with cash of 700,000 Baht at the day 1 Baht of gold was 400 Baht as well as the implication of the demise of King Anandamahidol … So, Gen Phao got broken heart which worsen his heart ailment which brought his demise on 21 Nov 1960.

  2. admin says:

    A fictionalized version of the drive to Trat, commenting on the nature of power and its loss, is in “Democracy, Shaken and Stirred” by Win Lyovarin

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