57 Years Ago: Sarit deposes Phibul

57 Years Ago: Sarit deposes Phibul – St. Petersburg Times, September 18, 1957
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
…Army commander Sarit Thanarat moved yesterday to set up a new government which he pledged would not swerve from the pro-Western policies of ousted premier P. Pibulsonggram. Sarit, recently forced to resign a cabinet post, toppled the Pibulsonggram leadership in a swift, bloodless coup. Sarit also removed another foe and strongman, Gen. Phao Sriyanond who commanded Thailand’s 40,000-man police force.
…Thailanders are considered the gayest people of the Far East. When it comes to politics and government, in the words of one of their critics “they just don’t give a damn…”

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