Corruption and Transparency

Corrosive corruption – Economist, December 2, 2011

Thailand: Human Development Indicators –

Corruption Perceptions Index 2011 –

[Thanks to Mud for pointing this out.]

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5 Responses to Corruption and Transparency

  1. Orange Eagle says:

    Wow! Corruption keeps getting worse in Thailand since Thaksin left. Do you think the Yellow Propaganda machine has been lying all this time?

  2. Rayko says:

    duh, I knew since the beginning that PAD was trouble. Thailand was going stronger than ever when Thaksin had the power but people believed in Sondhis lie.

  3. X says:

    Red shirt. Yellow shirt. What’s the difference? Both are in it anly as a means to raid the exchequer. It’s nothing more than money politics as usual, except on a much bigger scale. Thaksin’s crass stupidity and greed spawned the crass and stupid PAD. And now we are back with Thaksin pulling the strings again. Thailand has completely missed the boat, as always. Prepare yourselves to be an economic colony of the Chinese – that other set of bogus reds.

  4. Rayko says:

    PAD started this whole mess by overthrowing an elected government time after time by their brainless activity, if it wasn’t for that, it was for cooking on television (Samak). After all that mess, the red shirt group was born, but they never succeeded to overthrow any non-elected government, they were shot to death instead. The yellow shirts were teargased and that was a apparently a bigger crime than killing according to media and the justice system of Thailand.

  5. X says:

    In other words, a handful of dead shirts are far more important than the thousands of ordinary citizens who have died over many decades as a result of Thailand’s crazy continuing obsession with so-called strongman politics. I call them collectively ‘shirts’, regardless of their chosen color coordination. Bankrolled zombies might be a better description. They all spell nothing but danger and more corruption for us real human beings.

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