Tram screen captures from a pre-WWII Swedish documentary

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Return of the Daily Tram - October-November, 2005
Here is the first in a series of frame captures from a silent film about the Bangkok trams. The National Film Archives identifies this as a Swedish film from the 1920s. However, it has a English-language title cards.

Some on the forum believe this film is from Denmark.
The original Daily Tram photos we ran in 2004 are here.


Note the interesting conductor's uniform.

Street scenes showing the 'tram corridor' inside power poles along the street.

Street scenes from the tram film. It is hard to imagine the streets of Chinatown with just a few rickshaws.

We wonder if any of these 'traffic control towers' have been preserved anywhere.

Here, a tram sprays water along the route (to keep down dust?).

These frames show Bangkok street life and people walking along the street. Throughout the film it is interesting to note how many men wears hats.

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