Tram-Related Companies

Profiles of companies involved in Thai mass transit in the past
The Siam Electricity Company Ltd.
Bangkok Electricity Authority
The Siamese Tramway Company, Ltd.
The Menam Motor Boat Company, Ltd.
The Mae Klong Railway
The Paknam Railways

The Bangkok Tram Song
 I've seen a few old songs about the tramway but I can only remember this one
(may not be a correct English translation but pretty close). -Wisarut

Pid pree pid the (whistle blows) causing trams to stop
Stop and stop now when reaching Sam Yod (Sam Yod gate near Wang Boorapha)
Big brothers, don't come up (rush on)!  Let the aunties go down first!
Catching up, walking in and get your cash ready
City Pillar to S.A.B.
(AKA Societe Annonyms de Belge - Belgian Company founded in 1901 by Belgian doctor
to sell Swiss watches and other goodies from Belgian firms)

With a price of 50 satang (half a baht - 2.5 US cents)
Hurry up! Hurry Up! Going up and packing inside without stopping at the doors
Ladies, beware!
Your purses and wallets will be gone by the pickpockets!
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