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(Photo: Nils)
Small German steam locomotive built by Krauss in Munich circa 1903

Rusting mass transit - February 23, 2004
Nils reports: I have attached 4 pictures from the Science Museum in Ekkamai taken around May 2003. You once posted photos by Reiner, I think, of how the tram has been moved out of its shelter and is rotting away in front of the planetarium. My pics show the poor old tram and small German steam locomotive built by Krauss in Munich circa 1903, plus an old RTAF DC-3 and another dilapidated, American-built steam engine ('Pacific' type/axle configuration) on the other side of the building. They also exhibit some ancient machinery once used for road construction works, such as an English steam roller, still under a protecting roof. The museum is certainly worth a visit, though it can be sad to see these interesting technical artifacts in such a condition....

(Photo: Nils)
A dilapidated, American-built steam engine ('Pacific' type/axle configuration)

(Photo: Nils)
A tram car (in 1990 it was in great condition--see below)

(Photo: Nils)

Historic trams being neglected? - May 11, 2002
Reiner has alerted 2b about the state of the tram exhibit at the Ekamai Museum. He sent a series of photos showing the state of the exhibit over the years:

(Photo: Reiner)
August 11, 1990 - All exhibits, including ex-Meklong stream locomotive (Krass of Germany/1903) are well housed. The tram is in good condition, including the oblique movable 1st/2nd-class partition gate.

(Photo: Reiner)
July 18, 1998 - All exhibits have been painted grey. The partition gate is still present.

(Photo: Reiner)
March 23, 2002 - The remaining exhibits have been moved into the open. The partition gate is gone, the tram is seriously damaged, and has lost its trolley pole.
Does anyone know anything about this situation?

(Photo: Reiner)
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