Vintage Color Bangkok Tram Photos

The photos on this page were taken by Wally Higgins and are reprinted with permission from Ric Francis. Without Wally Higgins' foresight, these wonderful photos of the trams would have been lost to history.

These photos are so great, you might want to view the full resolution version here (196KB).

February 23, 1959 - Bangsue Line
Note the Coca-Cola advertisement in Thai and in English on the front of the tram.

June 8, 1961 - Bangkolem line Trams 124 and 128 crossing Charoen Krung Road in Sampeng;
it is a single car line because west of here they turned back.
Note the two triangular tram stop signs on the second telephone pole back. Wisarut informs us that the two tram signs indicate that this is the place where passengers need to buy a new ticket to continue.

June 8, 1960 - Bangkolem Line Tram set 13-44 on Charoen Krung Road near the main Post Office
Note the shades to keep the afternoon sun out of the trams.

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