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Tram map from 1958 - January 3, 2006

Wisarut found this tramway map (521kb) from the MEA Annual Report of BE 2501 (AD 1958), the first year of MEA. More details from the report:

Line details
The Tramway Division office is at Sam Yeak area where New Road intersects with Lamphunchai Road.
1) Bangkholem line - 9.18 km
2) Samsen line - 11.67 km
3) Bang Sue line - 4.05 km
4) Dusit line - 11.49 km
5) Hua Lamphong line - 4.51 km
6) Silom line - 4.54 km
7) Prathumeasn line - 3.10 km
Total 48.54 km

Arson attack
There was an arson attack at Saphan Lueng Car Shed on the night of September 2, 1958 causing the loss of 53 tram cars while the other three tram cars were damaged, but still reparable. This was a major loss since a quarter of tram cars were lost in fire from a total of 215 cars. Only 162 tram cars were left for service. This has caused the loss of tram cars for Bangkholem Line by a half.

Buses and taxis make inroads

The dwindling trams along with the increasing of bus service and taxi cabs have worsened the financial situation of tram services since buses have parked on tram tracks, causing longer waiting times and annoyed more and more passengers even though tram are cheaper than buses by a half (tram - 50 satang and bus - 1 baht) as well as safer.

Ticket revenue

The ticket revenue for Bangkok trams in BE2501 was 6,924,929.65 baht with the running distance of 2,435,123 km--100 km of running distance for each tram--and the additional revenue of 53,169.80 baht from advertising. However, the Bangkok tram expense in BE2501 was 7,077,039.28 baht. This caused a loss for Bangkok trams of 98,939.83 baht.


Even the Lopburi tram suffered from bus service along tram tracks, although to a lesser extent. The revenue for Lopburi trams was 289,839.25 baht. However, the Lopburi tram expense was already 302,077.54 baht. This has caused a loss for the Lopburi tram of 12,238.29 baht. A further loss in BE2502 was expected since more buses have come to compete with trams in both Bangkok and Lopburi.
However the profit from the tram division printing service was 39,995.73 baht, so it cut the loss from 111,178.12 to 71,182.39 baht.

Trolleybus proposed

MEA proposed trolleybus service as a replacement for the Bangkok tram to fulfill the old proposal by the Siam Electricity Corporation Co. Ltd. and to better handle traffic than Bangkok trams. Only French and Japanese companies had strong interest in the project, but it requires an investment of 200 million baht [then US$10 million - a very considerable amount in that day). MEA would take seriously consider the issue.

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