Stills from the tram videos

Last updated January 30, 2003

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A tram pulls into a depot. There is an ad on the front for Lion Shampoo.

A tram pulling out of the depot. The overhead connector has just snapped off of the power lines and the conductor has to stop and reconnect it.

A conductor driving a tram.

A tram crossing a klong (canal).

A shot out of a car window.

Workmen repair tram cables.

Workmen stand aside from repairing tram power cables while a tram goes by.

A two-car tram--note the second car is painted green underneath.

A tram passing another tram on Phra Athit Road.

A tram with a 7up ad (probably along Hua Lamphong canal, Rama IV Road).

A tram crossing a klong (canal). Note the sun shades.

Standing directly behind a conductor as a tram goes down Yaowaraj Road on the Samsen Line.

Standing behind the conductor again. Note his hand on the bottom right of the frame

Tram crossing a bridge.

Another bridge crossing.

Tram packed with school kids. Note the Fanta ad on the front.

More school kids on the tram.

A crowded road.

A locomotive glimpsed from a train window.

A locomotive puffing smoke.

New tracks being laid.

Singapore trolleybus (thanks to David Bowler for clarifying this)

Thanks to Wisarut Bholsithi for help with the photo descriptions

Do you, or perhaps your grandmother, remember the Bangkok electric trams?
If you have any reminiscences please let us know.

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