TV commercials: Getting your skin its whitest

Asiper explains about the model in this commercial: The lady in this commercial is a famous movie star. She won the award of the sexiest women for the last two years. Her name is Patcharapha Chichua or "Aum."
At present she is on a soap opera on Channel 7 called "Ploengpayu" (Ploeng=fire and Payu=storm) on Monday and Tuesday. This is the show that Thaksin mentioned 3-4 days ago. He watches this drama because his daughter watches it. He talked about this drama when he was interviewed and compared it to the situation in Thai Rak Thai party. Thaksin said it will be happy at the end when everything is clear.

This commercial is about whiteness. She gestures and make a white swish.

She puts the lotion on her skin and the whiteness spreads...

and spreads...

and spreads...

until she's much whiter.

Then she enters a party with some foreigners and hi-so people and begins to dance.

She's white all over.

She sees a white candelabra and smashes it with her hand...

sending white droplets over everyone.

White Spa for 39 baht (about one US dollar)

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