The Poojadkuan column in Manager 2005-2009

The Poojadkuan column in Manager
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The Manager newspaper has a regular feature on the page page of the newspaper entitled Poojadkuan. This features sarcastic articles and photo usually commenting on the political situation. Poojadkuan is a play on words: The name of Manager in Thai is Poojadkarn, but the sarcastic column is Poojadkuan, kuan meaning to unnerve.

Thaksin's family and the petition - Poojadkuan [the comedy news section of Phujatkhan], August 5, 2009
The headline reads: The Shinawatra family reveals reason not to sign names in the petition to be offered to HM King - Not to draw superiors to be involved [meaning not to disturb the King] - The source reveals that the Shinawatra family (Thaksin's 3 children and Yaowapha Wongsawat) expressed their opposing opinion to the red's attempt to submit a petition to HM King. The family says that they are not agreeing with the case stating that they do not want the case to disturb HM King.
The signs they are holding are copies of the billboards put up by the Bhumjaithai Party opposing the petition. It reads: Stop the enlisting of names for the petition - Stop pulling down the sky [Idiom meaning "stop harassing your superiors." In recent years this has been used to refer to royalty] - Stop breaking up the rock [Idiom meaning "Stop damaging the country"] - Stop separating people

(Photo: Manager)

Hillary responds to the Red Shirt letter - translated and summarized from Phujadkuan, July 16, 2009

This is an article from Phujadkuan, a comedy section on the back page of Manager (Phutjatkhan) newspaper.
It explains: The Red Shirts sent a letter to "Hillary" asking her not to come to the Asean summit meeting and meet with a terrorist [meaning FM Kasit who has been charged by the police for the December 2008 airport seizure].
Hillary answered "I will not accept a letter from a terrorist."  [This means Hillary thinks the Red Shirts are terrorists.]

Yaowapa’s husband - Poojadkuan, September 18, 2008

It reads: The new PM is worried that many will acknowledge him as "Yaowapa’s husband"

The men say: Excellency Yaowapa’s husband! Sawasdee

PPP coalition partners - Poojadkuan, September 18, 2008
It reads: Draw the curtain on of plotted story of the People Power Party. - Those of you who are more shameless than Mr. Samak, please raise your hand high (laugh) [This is a criticism of the PPP coalition partners and factions who originally were not united in supporting Somchai as PM.]

Phujatkuan, September 1, 2008

NBT declares its new stance to present news without bias... turning to support the rally, but covers the Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship rally [the pro-government DAAD rally]

Jaruvan stands with police in her house that was the target of attempted arson. The policeman says: The house’s electricity wires are not hooked up. How could we assume that the case is an electrical short like before. It is unacceptable!
[This is a joke referring to police blaming politically motivatived arson on electrical short circuits. After the coup there was a series of arson attacks against schools in the Northeast--apparently a warning from local TRT politicians that they support Thaksin and can cause trouble. At the time local police investigators meekly posited that the fires were all due to electrical short circuits.]

Two from Poojatkuan - August 15, 2008

Right: Pin-Ragez - consoles Thaksin “It is okay - You will become accustomed to it”

[The two men are Pin Jakkapark and Ragez Saksena, both men who sought asylum in the UK after being accused of crimes in Thailand. Both were part of the failed Bangkok Bank of Commerce.]

Balding - Poojadkuan, May 15, 2008

Oh...ho... Anupong changes to a new hair style. He accepts that it is necessary when he travels with the P.M. [Commander-in-Chief Anupong, who has a close relationship with PM Samak, is somewhat balding. Recently Samak has publicly criticized a "balding man." The graphic makes a joke of the fact that Anupong would not want to be the balding man Samak refers to.]

Above: Poojadkuan, May 13, 2008 - The balding men from all over the country gather and ask Samak to mention who is really the "balding man"

Samak orders hunt for balding mystery man - Bangkok Post, May 12, 2008
[Another Thai "person who cannot be named." The "bald man" here is Piya Malakul Na Ayuthaya, who implied the book Royal Power was admired by royalty.]
Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej has instructed police to search for the ''man with the receding hairline'' who tried to sabotage the government and the royal family. Mr Samak said during his televised programme yesterday that the man was suspected of leaking news to instigate political divisions in the country...

More cannon polishing - Poojadkuan, April 25, 2008

It reads: People resist allowing Duang to polish the cannon in front of the Defense Ministry for fear he will make the Payatani cannon go off [Payatani is the name of the cannon.]

Hey! - Poojadkuan, April 24, 2008
Samak feels bored at abusing people in the country so he goes international to abuse the World Bank. [Samak, famous for his opininated comments, has recently lashed out at the U.N. and the World Bank.]

Rock attack - Poojadkuan, March 14, 2008
The headline reads: PAD is the new victim of stone throwing. The polices got the sketch and prepare to hunt all the gang members.
[This is a reference to the present dangerous craze of young people throwing stone into the windshields of passing cars. Here the joke is that major pro-Thaksin figures pictured at the bottom are behind an attack on Sondhi's van.]

No Country for Old Maew - Poojadkuan, February 26, 2008

It reads: No country for old Maew - All get Oscar awards

Maew is the nickname of Thaksin
Left photo: Chaloem, Thaksin and Noppadon
Right photo: Jakrapop Penkae's head on a woman's body

Finance Ministers - Poojadkuan, February 5, 2008

Mak [Samak] proclaims that the Thai economy is in a coma. So he has to set a doctor and nurse to work in the Finance Ministry. [At left is Ranongrak Suwanchawee, a nurse appointed as Deputy Finance Minister. At right is Finance Minister Surapong Suebwonglee.]

Thai humor: Bad TPI cement - Poojadkuan, October 8, 2007

Right: Noh [nickname of Pracharaj Party leader Sanoh] speaks loudly that ''TPI Portland cement is bad quality... Not enough was used on the party... and then the whole (thing) cracked."

[He is referring to TPI boss Prachai Leophairatana who is the head of the Machima faction. This faction recently broke with Sanoh's Pracharaj Party. Political parties and factions often are associated with very rich businesspersons.]

Thai humor: Thaksin amulet - August 3, 2007
Thaksin amulet: "This is Jatukamramathep of the series... Rich with no reason...555"

A thread on the amulets is here.


Choose the new C-in-C carefully! - Poojadkuan, September 6, 2007

Maew [Thaksin] warns Big Bang [Gen. Sonthi] that if he does not select the new C-in-C carefully to be careful. He may not have a land to live in.

[This is because Thaksin chose Gen. Sonthi and now Thaksin is an exile. So if Sonthi chooses the wrong person he could end up in exile like Thaksin.]

Thai humor: Inconvenient Samak - August 23, 2007
From Poojadkuan: The anchor warns that the world heat state will be in crisis if Palangprachachon Party is in government and Samak is the PM.

More on Samak

Thaksin's team - Poojadkuan, May 22, 2007

First mission of the Maewcity football team-- all teams join the PTV mob in Thailand. [Maew is the nickname of Thaksin]
The sign says "CNS get out "

Thaksin drama - Poojadkuan, May 12, 2007
This is an altered ad for a Chinese television show and novel. The humorist has substituted Thaksin family members in the ad. It reads: The war to overthrow the throne of Jansongla. [Thaksin's house in Bangkok] The first nonsense novel in Thailand written by Nor Nopparadrung. [The real person who wrote the actual story is Nor Nopparat. We are not sure of the joke of the new name--perhaps it just sounds funny.] - Starts on 8 May - Shown only at Poojadkuan Theatre

Thai humor: CNS orders officers to beseech Jatukam Ramatep in case (PM) Surayuth is discouraged - April 17, 2007
[Jatukam Ramatep is the type of large amulet very popular right now. Poojadkuan is the humorous back page of the Manager newspaper.]

More on the airport runway - Poojadkuan, January 30, 2007

Right: Suggest that pilots practice driving cars on Bangkok road in order to get used to the runway at Suwannaphum.

News humor

, January 15, 2007

CNS set to penalize the Police Chief.
If he can't find those who bombed central [Bangkok], no karaoke singing forever.

[The police chief and his aides were derided in the press for singing karaoke in Hat Yai on new year's eve while the bombings were taking place.]

News humor

, December 25, 2006

The headline reads: Auy and Tharisa feel relief. Jiw will return. Will see the baht touch 50 for sure.
"Auy" is the nickname of Finance Minister Pridiyathorn Devakula
"Tharisa" is the Bank of Thailand Governor Tharisa Watanagase
"Jiw" is the nickname of Chaowalit Yongjaiyut
The headline is a sarcastic reference to Chaowalit Yongjaiyut's tenure as PM which saw the devaluation of the baht when it went from 25 to the dollar to almost 50.

Jokes from Poojadkuan - November 17, 2006

Left: November 15 - The UN worries that (Aung San) Suu Kyi's face is in a state of disrepair... "should see a doctor urgently!"
Right: November 14 - Surayud gives a green light to Thaksin to come back, but on the condition that must come through the three southern provinces of Thailand.

Left: November 15 - Amazed! After three months of flooding people become a mutation.

Poojadkuan, November 8, 2006 - NSC called Smit to meet urgently in order to prepare to set up equipment for checking the wave under the water (undercurrent). [Smit is the Thai official in charge of tsunami preparedness.]

Today's Poojadkuan
Poojadkuan, October 30, 2006 - Pa [Prem] told Maew [nichname of Thaksin] through Or [nickname of Pojaman], "Don't come back home, son."

Today's Poojadkuan - Manager, September 15, 2006
Above "Toon’akarn", first panel: There is only one person who could whisper me one word and I will quit immediately...
Above, second panel: That one is the fortuneteller E.T.
Above, at bottom:  This is the truth.

[This is a reference to a quote from Thaksin in February 2006 when he said he would step down as PM if the King "whispered to me."]

Left: Fortuneteller E.T. sends the signal to PAD, "Next month…you will win for sure."

Today's Poojadkuan - September 14, 2006

Right: The joke of Koizumi is more funny that Maew's. The Japanese leader made a bet on who will leave office first, Chen or Maew [Chen is the embattled Taiwanese PM, Maew is the nickname of PM Thaksin. The international press reported Thaksin's humorous remarks at the summit.]

Bottom right: "E.T. fortune teller" [Thaksin carries Burmese fortune teller ET in an almost too obvious parody.]

"ET" - September 12, 2006
Asiper reports: As featured on the Nation Channel…last night and this morning (left). Her name is E.T. (in Burmese language) She is blind, her leg and arm are atrophied, but she can forecast very correct. The big person and rich person often use her service and she charges at least 50,000 baht per time. She doesn’t speak English. People who go to ask her can only ask five questions.
For Thai people we know that the leader of Thailand, PM Thaksin went to see her and believes in her so much. It is believed that Thai rich person (the PM?) took her from Burma to Thailand sometimes. She forecasted for Mr. Tanchuoi, the leader of Burmese before.

This was also mentioned on 2B forum here.

Front page
Komchadluek, September 8, 2006
Top: Ask for a return of Suanlum Night Plaza land - The asset office wants to take it back, but the sellers do not demolish and move out
Headline at bottom: Memorial to the former comrade - Shoot repeatedly in air with AKA and M16 firearms – Resounds at Nakorn Srithammarat Mountain
Caption: Memorial to comrades - The photo of memorial to former comrade ceremony at the People's Warrior Commemoration Monument at the mountain in Nakorn Srithammarat--where men wear green military suits with red stars and hold AKA firearms and M-16 guns openly.

Thai humor: Fake news - September 7, 2006
The headline reads: Poojadkuan is tense - The government launches fake media - Catching the readers (the man reads a newspaper with an advertisement for Samak's new program on the back)

[This is a reference to the discussion of "fake news" this week. "Fake news" is extreme or polarizing speech about political matters--common in the West, but a new phenomenon in Thailand where it is feared it can be used to stir up the passions of uninformed rural villagers.
The fears over "fake news" was spurred by Samak's new satellite political commentary program and website which has been massively advertised in the Thai press. Another example of extreme political viewpoints on the anti-Thaksin is is]

Thai humor: Charismatic people is the cause of the famous head butt - July 14, 2006
Poojadkuan jokes: AP news center explained that the root cause of Zidane knock Materazzi was because they disputed about “who is the charismatic person outside the constitution.”

(Photo: Manager)

(Photo: Manager)

Thai humor: Charismatic people at the World Cup - July 5, 2006
Poojadkuan jokes: Maew prepares to watch the World Cup. FIFA is afraid he will reveal a ”charismatic person" is influencing the World Cup. FIFA is fearful. The chairperson‘s face is as yellow as turmeric after knowing that Maew [nickname of PM Thaksin] plans to fly to watch World Cup 2006 in Germany. He is afraid of Maew will reveal the "charismatic people" will be influencing the World Cup to interfere and break the rules.

[Note: Thaksin today canceled his trip to Germany. This is significant. We were predicting a change of power in some fashion this coming weekend (for various reasons)... Now it seems the peculiar announcement of a trip and then canceling it may be designed to disrupt any such change of power.]

(Photo: Manager)
"The Finland Code" - May 29, 2006
Nils points out this nice photoshopping effort combining the Finland Conspiracy with the Da Vinci Code in the latest Poojadkuan column.

On the forum: More on the Finland Conspiracy

Thai humor: Giant pile of money at Jaransanitwong 69 - January 26, 2006

Poojadkuan jokes: Bangkok: Lots of people are amazed and go to see the money mountain that higher than the Golden Mount by many times. After Shin Corp was sold to Singapore for seven billion baht , the money mountain appeared near Jaransanitwong 69. It is expected that this will be a new favorite tourism place in Thailand that will go down in history.

[Jaransanitwong 69 is the address of PM Thaksin in Bangkok.]

(Photo: Manager)

Thai humor: Koreans to teach Thai culture - January 6, 2006
Poojadkuan jokes: The Culture Ministry approach "Daejungkuem" [a Korean series that is very famous in Thailand] to teach Thai people how to cook Thai food in order to preserve Thai cooking after Natali [a Miss Universe] taught Thai people to wai and say "sawadi." [There is a popular perception that Thai people do not know Thai culture at present. Because of the popularity of the Korean series, it makes Thai people want to know more about Korean culture and even learn how to cook Korean food. Natali is well-known for liking Thai ways and being a presenter of Thai culture.]

(Photo: Manager)

Thai humor: Harry Potter astonished why the magic of a Hogwarts senior weakens after only five years - January 4, 2006

Poojadkuan jokes: At the government house: The junior from Hogwarts revealed why the senior with the square face [PM Thaksin] conjured up many things. The senior made paper into money, made one million baht for each village, make chicken into an SU-30 plane, etc. This was because his morals were not enough so he became "the wizard with weak magic."

["The wizard with weak magic" is what the Thai press dubbed Thaksin during their year-end roasting of the cabinet last month. The things mentioned that were conjured up are some of the government plans such as bond issues to fund projects, giving one million baht to each village, and paying for aircraft with Thai poultry.]

Thai humor: Southern flooding - December 22, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: The PM regrets that the southern people were hit by flood. He wonders why they did not select the Thai Rak Thai Party in elections, otherwise he would have come to help them before now.

Thai humor: Kongsak to use UBC against 'Thailand Weekly' - December 13, 2005
Humor page of Manager Daily--printed upside down on the back page of the Lifestyle section.

The Poojadkuan column on the page jokes: Interior Minister ACM Kongsak Wantana combats Sondhi's political commentary TV show "Thailand Weekly" on Friday by installing giant screens in front of Sondhi's screen showing football matches on UBC. [This is a reference to Kongsak's initiative to provide free UBC cable TV football matches to combat violence in the South.]

Thai humor: Thaksin celebrates - December 1, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Thaksin orders government house closed to cerebrate because there is no Thailand Weekly program this Friday. They will have a special menus such as tomyam tangtak (tangtak = to be broke), yam nong ngoohao, 'C-130 fall from heaven,' etc.

Thai humor: Why Thaksin can't hear - November 29, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: The cause makes Maew goes deaf recently is not due to jetlag, but he has listened to the Thailand Weekly program for many weeks and is abused by Sonthi making his ears go deaf and he loses energy.

(Photo: Manager)

Thai humor: More cool ideas - November 16, 2005

Poojadkuan jokes: Bangkok - Minister of Social Development and Human Security has a cool idea again. This time he prepares to use a 1000 watt spotlight and go to bedrooms all over the country warning all wives to prostrate themselves before their husbands before sleeping. This is to preserve good Thai culture.
[This is a combination of two recent ideas put forth by government ministers--that spotlights would be shined in the faces of people going into hotels on Loy Krathong to discourage sexual activity and that to preserve Thai culture, women should revive the custom of prostrating themselves before their husbands before sleeping. The Thai-language press roundly denounced such proposals: Matichon editorial: Thai-style working - November 14, 2005 and The Nation editorial: End the media circus on teen sex - November 14, 2005]
More Poojadkuan columns

Thai humor: Thaksin wishes to takes over the Washington Post - November 8, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: At the government house: Thaksin whispers Ar Koo to corner the stock of the Washington Post newspaper in order to muzzle it. This is because it reveals the news of the secret prison in Thailand. [Earlier this year, Paiboon Dumronchaitham or AR Koo' was involved in a takeover attempt of Matichon and Bangkok Post newspapers. It was widely believed he was acting on behalf of the Prime Minister to control media critical of the government.]

Thai humor: Thailand is number one in press freedom - October 31, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: World media resets the level of freedom of the press again and put Thailand in first place after they watched the Daily Views program of Samak and Dusit who abuse many people, but are never been touched by the government.

Thai humor: PM to make two more new provinces - October 21, 2005
This is a very hard-hitting joke from a patriotic Thai perspective. Poojadkuan jokes: Government house: The Prime Minister, Thaksin, speeds to create two more provinces after finishing the new Suwanabhumi Province. This is to compensate for the three southern provinces (which have been lost).

Thai humor: Siberia asked not to spread bird flu to Thailand - October 21, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Public Health Ministry: Doctor Suchai sent an urgent letter to the chief of birds in Siberia, Russia begging him not to spread the bird flu to Thailand because he could not control it. This is because the situation of ambulance bidding is not finished yet. [This is a reference to the controversial ambulance bids in Public Health Ministry.]

(Photo: Manager)
Thai humor: Southern thieves suspend attacks - October 13, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: The southern thieves left a letter that they will stop their agitation for a while (no bombs, threats or daily killing) because their rival is not in the country. [The rival in this case is PM Thaksin.]

Examples of actual leaflets left in the South: Translation of a leaflet left by 'bandits' in the deep South - May 1, 2005
Translation of a leaflet left by 'bandits' in the deep South - February 22, 2005

Thai humor: Mental health better when the PM is not in the country - October 12, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Psychiatrists revealed that Thai peoples’ mental health will be better during the one week when the P.M. flew to Europe. Although the PM was only gone a short time, he asked people to take all the happiness they can after hearing bad words from the PM. But when the PM comes back, we should put the cotton pad inside in our ears.

(Photo: Manager)

Thai Humor: Egrets vs. the vultures - September 30, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Nong Ngoohao - The head of cattle egrets submitted a letter to Minister Pongsak begging him not to chase them from the airport and said the vultures are more of a danger. If he wants to chase he has to use the same standard and no discrimination because they (the cattle egrets) have lived there for a long time. [The 'vultures' are a group of people who take benefits or are corrupt in reference to the many corruption scandals that surround the Suwanaphumi airport project.]
Bangkok Airport news >

Thai Humor: Printing the Royal Power book for the State Audit Commission and Office of the Auditor-General - September 28, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: “Pramuan” speeds to print the 8th edition of the Royal Power book after it has sold well. This time it will be distributed free to State Audit Commission (SAC) and Office of the Auditor-General (OAC) with the object to solve the correct way to fill the position of Auditor-General. Moreover the size is enlarged to A4 size making it easy to read and understand. [The joke is if they read the book they will realize why the Auditor General candidate was not accepted by The King.]

Thai humor: Crazy Paiboon - September 15, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Ar Koo accepted that a voice from heaven ordered him to buy one Thai-language newspaper and one English-language newspaper. The Department of Mental Health prepare to send him to see the doctor and is worried he may have mental illness. [They have pasted Paiboon's face on the body of the lady accused of stabbing students at St. John's School recently.]

(Photo: Manager)

Thai humor: Buying Poojadkuan - September 14, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: After the surprising news yesterday that GMMM grabs Matichon-Post for 2600 million baht, today GMMM declared it would buy another media--"Poojadkuan” for 15 baht (repeat, only 15 baht). It is cheap and worth it because the buyer will get Manager as a bonus.

(Photo: Manager)

(Photo: Manager)
Thai humor: The monkey that speaks - July 7, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes:
Poojadkuan has a scientist to counter the PM after he talks insinuatingly to media that it has weak point that it has no news to print so when someone abuses the government or even if a monkey speaks it will be the news. The scientist confirmed that since primeval times, a monkey has never spoken so when the monkey speaks abuse, it must be big news.

Thai humor: Devils resign to protest Chuwit - June 29, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Most of the devils who lead the souls of dead men flocked together and resigned after knowing Chuwit, party list M.P. of Chatthai Party, books the first pit of hell. The atmosphere is quite serious--more serious than an inferno. One of the devils in hell said they afraid that Chuwit will change hell to an entertainment place and he will disclose all the secrets of hell.
[During the censure debate yesterday, MP Chuwit said those who are corrupt go to hell. For the things he has done--Chuwit ran massage parlors and bribed police--he would go to the first level or hell. However he said Suriya and other corrupt people in the government would go to the lower levels of hell.]

(Photo: Manager)

Earlier: Censure debate: Chuwit on TV - June 27, 2005

Right: Chuwit shouts and gestures wildly at the censure debate. He ended his speech by taking off his Buddhist amulet and swearing an oath on it.

Thai minister defends self in no-confidence debate over airport scandal - AP, June 27, 2005

Thai humor: Apisit goes slow - June 7, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Democrat Party - Chuan declares to quit and is confident that Apisit can follow his way of working very slowly. Everyone notices the CTX 9000 scandal. Although we know it is corruption, Apisit is still sluggish. [Former Democrat leader and PM Chuan is know for his extremely slow and cautious style. The Democrats have also been slow to attack over the CTX 9000 scandal.]

(Photo: Manager)

Thai humor: Sharing the money and blame - June 6, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Jiw [Chaowalit], Tanong, Amnoay and Tharin with in one accord to help Roengchai by sharing money and accepting the guilt for the mistake of losing 1.8 billion baht in the currency defense of 1997.

Thai humor: Turning off the PM's radio show to save energy - June 3, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Bangkok - All Thai people should work together to save energy by turning off the radio for 45 minutes at 8am every Saturday. Mr. Rakchat [the name means love nation in Thai], a grocer, said if turning off the electricity for 5 minutes will save energy, then we will save more energy by turning off the radio at 8 o’clock every Saturday for 45 minutes to save more. That is the time for for “Thaksin Talks to the People" program. Everyone who listens to him will get stress because he will offer excuses for all problems.

Thai humor: Thirayuth impostor - June 2, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Chasoengsao - Thaksin confirmed that the guy who went to Nong-Ngoo Hao Airport was not Thirayuth because he wore the shirt look like salesman. The genuine Thirayuth must wear a waistcoat with a sweater. [This is because Thirayuth usually wears wears a waistcoat with a sweater.]

Thai humor: Superhero of Thai democracy - May 30, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Poojadkuan newspaper surveys people’s opinion and found that 100% admired Snoh for his valiant behavior and praise him as a superhero of Thai democracy. He is the good example to fight for that which is right and funky MPs should emulate him.

Thai humor: Drink coffee with the Democrats - May 26, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Mark [nickname of Democrat Party leader Apisit] suggests that Thai people drink more coffee in order to forget corruption problems. They can drink cappuccino at the coffee place of hi-society person like to go. This will cause you to totally forget the corruption because you will worry about the high cost of coffee at 80 baht. The other option is to go to the Democrat coffee corner. We want you to have relief. You can drink for free here, but we have one rule--don’t talk to promote the Thai Rak Thai party.

Thai humor: Thaksin ignores the house lizards - May 25, 2005
jokes: Ban Jansongla [Thaksin’s house] - Thaksin says he listens to all regular and non-regular academics--even if a house lizard warned he also listened. But if the house lizards give out a cry that is not true Maew will not listen to them. They warn not to use violence to solve problems in the south or the policy of one village, one million baht fund, etc., but he counters and abuses them that they are "regular."
[Thaksin calls people such as Theerayuth Boonmi, Ajarn Jermsak Pinthong, Dr Praves Wasri who criticize him often kraprajumor--the regular person. This is to diminish the importance of their constant criticism. Occasional critics are called khajorn.
A traditional Thai belief is that if when one goes out of the house and hears the house lizard call, it means they have to be careful when doing something. Thus in this case the house lizard is "regular" because it warns Thaksin every time he leaves the house.]

(Photo: Manager)

Thai humor: Visakhabucha day at the casinos - May 24, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Poipet - Thai people perform wientien [Visakhabucha ritual that involves walking three times around a wat while making a vow or resolution] and do merit on Visakhabucha day until they run out of their money at casinos in Poipet, Cambodia. One Thai revealed that he likes doing merit although it is not Visakhabusha. He often goes there [the casinos]. He performs wientien many times and vows that if he is not rich he will not quit from gambling.

Thai humor: The view - May 20, 2005
Poojadkuan (left) jokes: Thaksin compliments the view of Praprang Wat Arunrajwararam, Chaopraya riverside. This angle is the most beautiful in the world. He said he has seen the view of this wat for many years, but the most beautiful is the day of photographing of the Miss Universe contestants in front of it. So do not be serious, think optimistically that this is for the promotion of Thailand tourism to the world.

(Photo: Manager)

Thai humor: Long nose - May 19, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Ban Jansongla [Thaksin’s house] - Khunying Pojjaman [PM's wife] is amazed that Thaksin has changed because the more he speaks about corruption, the longer his nose grows like Pinocchio.

Thai humor: Thai people consent to believe in Maew - "No bribery" - May 18, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: A Poojadkuan poll that surveys Thai people all around the country said 56% are afraid that Maew [nickname of PM Thaksin] feels shameful and 44% feel shameful instead of Maew. This is because there is lots of criticism of the bribery in buying the CTX 9000 scanning machine and the PM comes to explain this in his radio program. He insists GE Invision state the government did nothing wrong. One person said he feel shame instead of the PM because the PM tries very hard to protect the prestige of the Thai government.

Thai humor: Places to inject olive oil - May 13, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Doctors suggests the youth in Ayuthaya should inject olive oil into their head in order to enlarge their brains. This will nourish their brain to have positive thinking rather than absorb thoughts about sex only. [This week, the newspapers reported that youth in Ayuthaya tried to enlarge their penises by injecting them with olive oil that later went bad.]

(Photo: Manager)

Thai humor: Miss Universe as a cover for the CTX scandal - May 12, 2005
Poojadkuan - Bangkok : The real background of the Miss Universe competition in Thailand is to cover up the mess surrounding the CTX 9000 scandal. There was advance knowledge that news of corruption in the bomb detecting machine would come out at this time. So they pushed to organize the Miss Universe contest in Thailand by saying it would revive tourism in Thailand impacted by the tsunami. This plan has achieved its goal already. Meanwhile, Mr. Thanakorn, a Thai person, said that all kinds of contests such as Tiffany contest, Mr. Universe contest, etc. should be scheduled so that Thai people may forget corruption news happening at the time.

Thai humor: Sinking house - May 11, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: At the government house - Pathumthani people gather to resist the new parliament building to be built in Pathumthani province. They are afraid of the land sinking. The leader said it should be build on the high level such as on the mountain and when the land sinks, it will be on the same level as the rest of the ground.

Thai humor: Thaksin's seven tricks of happiness - May 10, 2005
Poojadkuan jokes: Thai people believe in the PM to keep them in high spirits, read corruption news and laugh at the same time. Thaksin's seven tricks of happiness makes Thai people all happy, bright and cheerful:
1. Let tension out of your heart because tension takes away happiness such as when thinking about corruption at Nong-Ngoo Hao [the new airport]. Don’t pay attention to it.
2. Let you heart release worry, do not be tense, and be liberated from stupid payments--such as the contact with GE Invision.
3. Be simple. Don’t let life be our boss. So stay overnight at Nong-Ngoo Hao airport [Thaksin had a highly publicized cabinet meeting there] or stay away from the distributor companies that sell the scanning machines.
4. Expect little. If you expect too much and it is not a success, you will be sad. Such as the investigation about the detecting machine corruption.
5. Sacrifice a lot. Don’t think about advantage only. Sometime we have to lose our prestige.
6. Be an optimist. Smile a lot. So if the foreigners blame us for the corruption, don’t get angry. Just smile.
7. Believe in Thaksin. Follow as Thaksin says and everything will be a success.

Thai humor: Gen. Sanan - May 6, 2005
Poojadkuan - The subordinates of Mahachon Party (only 2 MPs) agree that Gen. Sanan is the best person to be a leader of the party and he should also get the position of secretary, spokesmen and treasurer of the party.

Thai humor: More patriotism - May 9, 2005
Poojadkuan - Maew [Thaksin] has a cool idea: “Respect the National Flag six times a day.“ He cross-examines Thai people saying they think about the Nation very little and this is why our Nation has lots of corruption. So we should listen to the National song more often, it can make people love Nation more, and not worry that the Nation has corruption.

Thai wordplay: bomb detector salesman or revolutionary? - May 5, 2005
Vorapoj Yostat or “Che” (his nickname) is the owner of Patriot Business Consultants, distributor of the bomb detecting machines involved in kickback allegations. Poojadkuan column jokes: "Che" counters the accusation that he is the distributor of the x-ray detection machines. He insists that he was never involved with this and his life is for revolution only. He is willing to prove this by being scanned by the x-ray machine. His heart is full of the red color of revolution.

Thai humor: Minimum wage - May 4, 2005
Poojadkuan: Sanam Luang - On May Day workers from all around the country gathered at Sanam Luang asking the PM for a higher minimum wage at 233 baht per day--just enough to pay for a mobile phone.

More Thai humor: Buffalo poll - May 3, 2005
Poojadkuan column today: Poll from a sample of 2500 buffalos from all over the country shows that 98% believe the PM's explanation that there was no corruption in the bomb detecting instruments at the Nong-ngoo Hao Airport and 2% have no comment.

Thai humor: 'Rain' falls on Banharn - April 26, 2005
Poojadkuan said on April 26 that rain falls on Banharn at Jaransanitwong 57 Road (his residence). Not real rain, but spit from a TRT member who blames Banharn when he speaks about 'big rain' or vote buying. So it makes a flood and smells bad on the road.
Banharn lives near Thaksin's house so people in that area complain that the next time the TRT member speaks he should use mouthwash.
When Banharn spoke about 'big rain' last week he was referring to vote buying, but the Poojadkuan column makes the joke that the retort to Baharn's accusations is a 'big rain' or saliva from the mouth of a TRT member [Thaksin] who protects TRT.

Thai sarcasm: Author axed from TRT - April 25, 2005
The Poojadkuan column in Manager jokes that Maew [Thaksin] suggested Pramuan read Using Power is Natural for Humans after Pramuan was dropped as a TRT deputy. [Pramuan Rujanaseri's book Using Power is Natural for Humans was critical of the TRT system and embarrassed the TRT leadership.]

Thai sarcasm: Suggestion for the terrorists - Manager Online, April 8, 2005
From the Poojadkuan column today: Somkid (Somkid Jatusripitak, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance) says, "One more bomb and the Thai economic will collapse."
Mr. Sama-ae Chode, the leader of the terrorists says "Thank for your suggestion."
(Thanks to Asiper for helping to explain this article.)

Thai wordplay: Ostrich terrorist - Manager Online, April 7, 2005
Manager has a column entitled Poojadkuan featuring a sarcastic article and photo. In today's article they talk about Thaksin being wrong to think of the terrorists as a small group or jone krajok. Jone is thief or terrorist and krajok means small or not important or a small sparrow.
The article says Thaksin thought that he and government can control the situation or suppress the terrorist became he thought of them as a small group--compared to a small bird or krajok, but now it became a big bird--ostrich or krajokted. The article also says the bomb in Hadyai is big like an ostrich's egg.
Further wordplay is in the name of the series: The name of the Manager is in Thai is Poojadkarn, but the sarcastic series is Poojadkuan, kuan meaning to unnerve. (Thanks to Asiper for helping to explain this article.)

(Photo: Manager)
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