Kaolao Ruammitr by Tin

It's all about heart.... - Matichon, Kaolaoruammitr, November 9, 2008

Top left to right:
Stunned heart... No flight to England [reference to Thaksin's revoked UK visa]

Cruel heart... No exception even for a patient. [This refers to the protesters who dogged former PM Samak even when he leaded in the U.S. for treatment.]
On the sign: Action creates destiny [This means Samak's current state due to his actions in the past. So the sign means something like "you get what you deserve" or "you don't have to wait for the next life for payment for what you did in this life."]

Selfish heart... No access for the state mourning period [Refer's to PAD's initial reluctance to open Ratchadamneorn Road for the funeral ceremony of Princess Galayani.]

Bottom left to right:
Spoiled heart... Three days to go, watch your teenage offspring [Refers to the (then) upcoming Loy Krathong holiday during which it has become traditional for young people to have sexual trysts.]

Obstinate heart... With respect, no more coup [Refers to the military's reluctance to again stage a coup to restore political order despite the apparent desire of the PAD for one.]
PAD people in Government House in the background call out: "tank!," "tank!"

I have no heart... [I am disheartened (?)] Sanitary napkins reused (not funny)! [The person is Sondhi Limthongkul who was rumored to have deployed used sanitary napkins to create bad luck for his opponents (this practice is quite common).]

I know what you fear - Matichon, Kaolao; Columnist: Tin, November 2, 2008
Top left to right:
Fear that the video clip of the face is not similar to the one standing behind [reference to widely circulated video of PM Somchai with another woman]
Fear Chaiyod digging in his heels [reference to a Puea Pandin MP who wants to get the deputy interior minister position]
Fear of being disbanded again [the person is Suwit Kunkitti, leader of Puea Pandin Party who resigned from the party]
Bottom left to right:
Fear of denunciation from foreigners. [refers to the military not conducting a coup for fear of international condemnation]
Fear that Bahamas people cannot speak Thai language clearly [not sure of the reference... perhaps an allusion to Thaksin's undeclared offshore accounts or reports that many smaller countries have invited Thaksin to take up residence there]
Fear of sponsorship withdrawal [refers to a fear of the PAD that their supporters will stop supporting them]

Study the past to understand the future - Kao Lao Ruam Mitr column by Tin, June 22, 2008

Study the past to understand the future
Top left: In 1979, Samak joined an extraordinary-session no-confidence debate. In 2008, he said he never joined such a debate

Top middle: In the past, whistles, alarm clocks and bombs were all doing the same duty. [These are implements that make noise and signal unrest in society. All are thought of as ways to signal something important. Whistles have been used in the recent PAD rally.]

Top right: "Jok," who took bombs into the mob, is a brother of "Peud" [When Interior Minister Chalerm's son was accused of murdering a police officer, Chalerm blamed a person named "Ai Peud" as the real culprit. Recently, Chalerm said that a person named "Ai Jok" brought weapons and bombs to the PAD mob. Neither of these people have been found and neither are thought to actually exist. It is just Chalerm's method to both put off blame and appear he has inside information.]

Bottom left: A careless reason for a construction of a dam is that a minority should sacrifice something for the majority.

Bottom middle: Gandhi’s beautiful fight in the past has been distorted to pressure the majority to agree with the minority. [Gandhi used the non-violent way, but some critics feel the PAD are using this tactic for unpure reasons (and actually not intending to be nonviolent).]

Bottom right: From the past until now, the nationalism always works in this nation, [This means that an issue involving nationalism always works to rouse and focus the nation. This time it is the case of the Preah Vihan temple. Last time it was Thaksin selling his holdings to Singapore.]

Good news, bad news - Kao Lao Ruam Mitr, May, 2008
Top left to right:
The good news is that the court judged that Clity residents will be paid 30,000 baht per person for food, but the bad news is that, until now, the canal has not recovered yet. [The sign reads "There are 15,000 tonnes of lead residue in this canal." Clity Creek is a heavily polluted waterway in the north.]
Good news is that the government let members of the Parliament be responsible for amendments to the constitution, but the bad news is that most MPs are part of the government.
Good news is that there is no cyclone in Thailand, but the bad news is that there is too much "sat klone" here. [The words over the black fluid read "lese majeste." "Sat klone" is "slander in Thai and the word sounds like "cyclone."]
Bottom left to right:
Good news is that Yongyuth [former house speaker] has already gone, but the bad news is that ‘Pu Chai’ [Newin's father] takes the position instead [The graphic on the front of the podium is a silhouette of Newin known for his drooping lower lip.]
Good news is that the price of rise goes up, but the bad news is that the fertilizer price also increases.
Goods news is that the military confirms that it will not start a coup, but the bad news is that the same old group of dancers starts dancing [PAD figures dance in the foreground.]

Oh... Scary! - Kao Lao Ruam Mitr, Matichon, May, 2008
Top, left to right:
Oh… it is scary after reading a report saying that a daughter has been raped by her own father for 24 years
Oh… it is scary after hearing that the government approved a two-baht rise for labor's minimum wage - the two fingers mean victory, not two baht
Oh… it is scary after knowing that who is behind 'Puchai' issue [Puchai means grandfather and refers to Newin's elderly father who was made speaker of the house by his son Newin who is one of the banned TRT executives and considered an canny and Machiavellian politician.]
Bottom, left to right:
Oh… it is scary when a man like Mr. Samak has been denounced as a disloyal person [Samak hangs off the edge of a table that has the words "right wing" on it. Recently, right-winger Samak has been caught up in defending the PPP against accusations of anti-royal bias. The cartoon means that for a quintessential right-winger like Samak to become embroiled in this situation seems incredible.]
Oh… it is scary that nationalism (flag) emerges
Oh… it is scary that a witch hunt is occurring again [The sign reads "October 6" referring to the right-wing coup of 1976. This refers to the great agitation in the Thai-language press to create a situation to have a right-wing coup.]

"A pair" - Kao Lao Ruam Mitr (mixed issues) column by Tin, Matichon, April 6, 2008

Top, left to right: When there is the Kwansuang TV program, there is the Jakrapob TV program [Kwansuang is the name of committee member instrumental in starting new Thai Public Broadcasting System (formerly TiTV/iTV) and NBT is the former channel 11, a government television station revamped by PM Office Minister Jakrapob Penkair. Once NBT started, many staff from the former iTV joined NBT.]

When there is Samak, there is Big Pok [Commenting on the close relationship PM Samak is building with the C-in-C Gen. Anupong Paojinda--nicknamed "Pok." "Big Pok" indicates his high position in the military like "Big Bung" who is Gen. Sonthi.]

When there is a revolution rumor, there is a scapegoat. [When there are rumors of a coup, the press is blamed.]

Bottom, left to right:
When there is pickled fish paste, there is a person to get diarrhea. "Jood, jood" [PM Samak was reportedly sickened by food he ate on a trip to Laos. "Jood" is the sound of passing gas in Thai.]

When there are people hating the Constitution, there are people satisfied with it. The sign reads: Don't touch my constitution!

When there is Mr. Hatred, there is Mr. Torture. [A reference to the "kicking" incident involving PPP and Democrat MPs. MP Somkiet was kicked at by MP Karun. Somkiet here is written as "Homkied" similar to "hatred" (literally "very hate") in Thai. Karun is written as "Taroon" which is similar to "torture" in Thai. ]

"It is too late for..." - Matichon, Kaoloaruammitr, February 3, 2008
It is too late for...
- Prachai to admit he is a kindergarten kid.
- The Democrat Party to say it lost in the general election because it sticks to the party’s ideals.
- Surayud to say that he regrets being a prime minister after a year and five months have passed. [In the background Surayud marches towards his house, "
Khao Yai Tieng" at Khaoyai.]
- Sonthi to accept Thaksin as his brother.
- Us to warn the girl selling her own eggs at B30,000 each that she might have problems in having a child. [I don’t understand this one.]
- Border patrol police commander to apologize the public for having bad subordinates.

"When the sky has changed its color..." - Matichon, Kaoloaruammitr, January 27, 2008
When the sky has changed its color,
1. A bird (AEC) is flying alone
2. Samak and Banharn are seen kissing each other
3. 2- and 3-digit lottery case is dismissed.
4. The Revenue Department dismisses plan to charge a retroactive tax worth 500 million baht
5. Suriya is seen at AOT. [Not sure the meaning of this...]
6. The cat supporting Samak wins the dog

“All About Names” - Kaolaoruammitr by Matichon, October 6, 2007

Top, left to right: Desires to be named PM. [Desire is equivalent to “Prasong” in Thai. Prasong has been trying to unseat the government for being too weak on attacking Thaksin.]

A volunteer to fight against the new power clique. [Volunteer is equivalent to ”Asa-Samak” in Thai. Samak is the leader of the successor party to TRT, the PPP.]

His words are not pleasing to the ear, leading to the end of the party. [Pleasing to the ear is equivalent to “Sanoh” in Thai. Political king-maker Sanoh has quarreled and lost the support of the Machima faction.]

Bottom, left to right: His party seems to have a privilege compared with others. [Privilege is equivalent to “Abhisit” in Thai. Abhisit is the patrician leader of the Democrat party.]

Playing for time so the government has a victory over NHRC. [To have a victory is equivalent to “Meechai” in Thai. We think this refers to NHRC removing Jaran Ditapichai from his NHRC post over his participation in the riot outside of Prem's residence in July. ]

Uniting to kill and bury the square-face. [To unite in this context is equivalent to “Sonthi” in Thai. Gen. Sonthi is leading the fight to remove Thaksin's (square-face) influence.]

Whatever happens... will still be the same - Kaolaoruammitre, Matichon, May 27, 2007
Top left: [Aung San] Suu Kyi still is arrested as before.
Top middle: Daily lives of people in southern provinces will still be the same.
Top right: Adjust the cabinet every time... it will still be the same [in neutral gear]
Middle: If setting up a new party it will use the Democrat name as before.
Bottom left: Ministers who resign all use use the same reason. [They are sick. The sign above the door reads “Cabinet .“]
Bottom right: After dissolution, after referendum, after election... this country still be in turmoil.

Editorial cartoon
"Not enough" from Kaolaoruammitr, Matichon, February 10, 2007
[This is a very hard cartoon to figure out...]
Top left to right: The sign reads: Close.
The truth is not enough... must be concerned with the temper/mood also. [We think this means the temper of the society that creates the conditions that lead to the airport problems.]
Thai Lak Thai party... ["Lak" means "steal."] Chasing the leader of the party is not enough. Must dig the root also.
The sign reads: Acting [Police Chief]
Wry face is not enough... must come to threatens the underlings daily also. [Acting Police Chief Seripisut Temiyavej's face is thought to be moody or aggressive. The cartoon is saying he must not only show a stern face, but also take real action and mange the police for real.]
Bottom left to right: Canceling the party list is not enough... must decrease the number of MP districts also [a reference to a part of the new constitution to decrease the number of MPs].
Fighting with the Burmese is not enough... must fight with Singapore also.
The sign on the truck reads: Charges for Thaksin. Charge on cheating is not enough... must charge diligently to find out the charge also. [Not quite sure of the translation or meaning of this... Maybe someone can comment on this on the forum.]

Editorial cartoons

"Discredit"- Matichon, Kao Lao Ruammitr, December 24, 2006

Roughly clockwise from top left: Electric plugs and cables in schools are discrediting people staging the coup.

Some people are discrediting sheep, saying that they can’t live on their own. Thaksin and Sonthi have petted them. ["To take care of sheep" in Thai means "to tell a lie." It is from The Shepherd Who Cried Wolf]

Pridiyathorn says he allows people to discredit him, just for the Kingdom.

Professionals are discredited because of some assembly issues.

Some figure in the Assets Scrutiny Committee (ASC) is not satisfied with the establishment of another committee inspecting the ASC’s operation, considering the move an attempt to discredit the ASC.

Some election candidates are discrediting themselves.  

"Omitting to do certain things" - Matichon, December 10, 2006
Here is another interesting Kao Lao cartoon that groups recent events around a theme.
Top, left to right: Taxes - A hole [loophole] for Shin [Corp or the Shinawatras] - Omitting to remove the giant goose’s hair [Anyone know what this refers to?]
[Doctors] Omitting their duties by refusing patients. [a consequence of the government subsidizided health plans started under TRT]
Omitting the duty on December 10 as requested by some high-ranking officers. (The clown is holding a sign saying "stop the acrobatics performance on December 10.") [This is a reference to some of the anti-government protestors who came to Sanam Luang telling the press certain high-ranking people requested they not come.
Bottom, left to right: Class cancelled [in the deep south]
Omitting classes to join rallies against the plan to allow leading government universities to leave the bureaucratic system.
Omitting [leaving] this world because floods have destroyed rice fields.
Who knows when will southern militants omit their duties? [Stop carrying out terrorist acts.]

Editorial cartoons
Kaolaochamlek - Matichon, December 12, 2006
Panel 1: Sonthi said democracy will continue. We must solve the problem of those who use the constitution.
No. We must solve the qualifications of the one who will come to Commander-in-Chief.
Panel 2: Must understand democracy?
No. Must have two stubbed arms!
Panel 3: So he will not have hands to tear up the constitution.

Editorial cartoon
Cartoon: Kaolaoruammitr, Matichon
- The different than the same: Oct 6, 1976 / Sept 19, 2006

Acted upon
6 Oct: The student movement
19 Sept: Thaksin and his followers

6 Oct: Communists, insult institutions
19 Sep: Sell the nation, insult institutions

The mouthpiece
6 Oct: Yankroh radio
19 Sep: ASTV

Mass power
Oct: People's boy scout,  Navapon, Kratingdaeng-red bull
19 Sep:  PAD, network
(On the banner "Thaksin get out")

6 Oct: From P.M. to privy councilor
19 Sep: From Privy councilor to P.M.

The role of Mr. Rose-apple [nickname of Samak Soonthonvet--his nose like a rose-apple]
6 Oct: On the side of the winner
19 Sep: On the side of the looser (Ha!)

Matichon, October 16, 2006 by Kaolao Chamlek
Panel 1: Urgent news! Some media begins to feel frustrated. / Why frustrated?
Panel 2: There is a big conciliation with the media representatives. / Ha... how?
Panel 3: Gives a chair for them. [In Thai this means something like: "giving insulation from sarcasm or wit" or to give something away to avoid being annoyed. The cartoon is referring to the Legislative Assembly seats given to reporters from Manager.


Editorial cartoon
Column name: Kaolao Chamlek
(a little bowl of kaolao) by Tin - Matichon, September 5, 2006
Reporter: Yala was bombed in more than 20 places. Do you have anything (to say to ) the PM?
Man: I want the PM to come to Yala.
Reporter: When he comes here what do you want him to do?
Man: Just go back to Bangkok promptly, but leave the security guards for us.

Editorial cartoon

Column name: Kaolao Ruammitr by Tin - Matichon, September 3, 2006

[Explanation of the column name: Kaolao is a Chinese clear soup that has no noodles--only vegetables and meat balls. In Thai "noodle" is sen so ordering kaolao means not eating sen (or "noodles"). In Thai slang mai gin sen ("don’t eat noodle") means do not like or love each other. Ruam is "gather" and mitr is "friend." So Kaolao Ruammitr may mean "gathering the people who don’t like each other."]

Title of the cartoon: Twins!

Top left: At present Thaksin must use twin cars [Supposedly one as a decoy against assassination attempts.]

Top right: Twin policies [Democrat and TRT both have elevated train promises for the coming election.]

Middle left: New province - Twin numbers 77 [The new province to honor the King in the Hua Hin area would be the 77th province.]

Middle right: Good news - Twin kouprey found [Last week it was reported that ultra-rare kouprey were spotted on the Thai-Lao border.]

Bottom left: Bombs at Yala - The amount is twin numbers 22

Bottom right: Anand is worried that Thailand may be a twin country. [ This is a reference to Anand's speech last week warning Thailand could be a failed state--perhaps like Lebanon.]

Editorial cartoon
Column name: Kaolao Ruammitr by Tin - Matichon, August 28, 2006

[Explanation of the column name: Kaolao is a Chinese clear soup that has no noodles--only vegetables and meat balls. In Thai "noodle" is sen so ordering kaolao means not eating sen (or "noodles"). In Thai slang mai gin sen ("don’t eat noodle") means do not like or love each other. Ruam is "gather" and mitr is "friend." So Kaolao Ruammitr may mean "gathering the people who don’t like each other."]

Title of the cartoon: All is fake

The dog on the sphere: After more than 70 years we have just known that Pluto is a fake planet.

The man crying: 30 years in the past--We have just known that October people are fake. [A reference to the events of October 6, 1976. It probably refers to the student leaders from the October 6 events who have joined TRT and have been harshly criticized for being in a government many see as repressive.]

Roses: People think this is a Thai company, but this is a fake Thai company. [Rose is in reference to Kulabkaew or Glass Rose--the name of company suspected to be a nominee company in the Shin Corp buyout deal.]

Man holding a sign behind him: We think "New Suchin" is also fake. [Not sure what this is in reference to. The man is holding a sign that says "meeting." This may be a reference to Senate Speaker Suchon Chaleekrua who withheld the closing date of the current senate session in an apparent effort to force a rushed decision on the EC candidates. As senators are not supposed to be aligned with political parties, such a move is seen as a transparent ploy to help TRT. Thus he is a "fake" neutral senator.]

Policeman watching men fight: The fake police crush the mob. The real police just keep looking. [Reference to the recent beatings at shopping malls of anti-Thaksin hecklers.]

Car bomb: (Is this) the a real thing that resemble the fake or the fake thing that resemble the real thing?

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