Post-New Year’s Bombing Editorial Cartoons

Thairath, January 6, 2007 by Chai Rathchawat
["IRK" appears on the face of Royal Thai Police spokesman Achirawit Suphanphesat.]

[Update: Within minutes of posting this we received several inquires about the significance of "IRK." "IRK," written in a western graffiti -style alphabet, was at or near several of the new year's bomb sites. Conspiracy theorists, especially those wanting to blame the bombings on southern separatists, contended that the initials were a signal showing where to place bombs. This theory is highly improbable as one can imagine country boys from the deep south wandering around trying to decipher the initials in the blizzard of graffiti that coats Bangkok nowadays and find where to place their bombs. The "IRK" angle was covered extensively in the Thai-language press, but maybe not so much so in English. The ridicule and suspicion of Achirawit is also only apparent from monitoring the Thai-language press.]

Achirawit sir! Now there is a threat of bombing where you are, sir.
Komchadluek, January 7, 2007 by Kooy

[Said in an attempt to make Kowit leave his hiding place. This is a mocking of the Police Chief who did not make a statement or appear after the bombing making some suspect police complicity in the bombings.]

Be optimistic after the bombing in Bangkok
Thairath, January 7, 2007 by Chai Rathchawat

Top left: The husband smiles when his wife, who normally shops, begin to stay at home. [saving him money]

Top middle: One baht coins have more value because they are used to call in bomb scares.

Top right: Youths' habits are watched more closely. [Police will crack down on graffiti.]

Bottom left: Tik! Tik! Tik! [bomb countdown sound] Nowadays malicious mothers begin to change their minds about leaving babies in the garbage bin. [A recurrent sensational story in the Thai-language press is saga of a young pregnant mother who leaves her unwanted baby in a trash bin. THis joke means these mothers will not want to do this because of bombs inside the bins.]

Bottom middle: Foreign investors see the opportunity to invest in close circuit television business in Thailand.

Bottom right: Small Buddha image market will be improved greatly. [A reference to the small Buddhist amulets worn by Thais to provide protection.]

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